“Sed1hnya, he wins when he gets money.  It’s a great test for him.. ” – Netizen
“Sed1hnya, he wins when he gets money. It’s a great test for him.. ” – Netizen

“Sed1hnya, he wins when he gets money. It’s a great test for him.. ” – Netizen

Video of Ustaz Ebit Lew helping a pregnant mother Seb4k People. A mother’s love, willing to paint her body to find child support. Already in the middle of pregnancy, the legs can swell from standing for a long time. Sed1nya !!

For those who follow the progress of the independent preacher, Ustaz Ebit Lew on the account InstagramYes, I must know that Ustaz Ebit often shares videos to help people who have problems.

Most recently, a video uploaded showed Ustaz Ebit when he was in Jakarta, Indonesia. On his way to a destination, Ustaz Ebit saw a woman on the side of the road.

Most heartbreakingly, the woman was pregnant and her body was covered in colorful paint silver. Ustaz Ebit’s scribbling of the legend, the woman did such a thing to support her family.

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Also in the video, Ustaz Ebit took the woman to a shop to buy her family’s necessities and gave her some money for her use. To date, Ustaz Ebit’s video sharing helping the pregnant woman has received over 180 thousand likes and thousands of comments from netizens.

Let’s watch the video below:

In the comment section, the common man expressed his sadness at seeing the woman’s life in earning a living and thanked Ustaz Ebit for being willing to help. Interesting comments include:

“Sed1hnyaaa, you must be tired standing up pregnant like that. Thank you ustaz for your help, may your support be even better after this.. “

“It is so strong that she is pregnant and standing for a long time, she can bend her legs. I saw he won 1, it was a great test for him..”

“Thank you good people, may God reward you with much more blessed sustenance, long and healthy life always and always in the protection of God subhanahuata’ala amin..”

“Look at her. Know that as strong as we are, I am much stronger. May God bless us to be immediately grateful for the blessings we have.”

“When Ustaz does this with non-Muslims, it symbolizes how beautiful our religion is. Ya Allah, for Ustaz Ebit Syarga. Amen..”

“Suddenly someone got onion juice in my eyes ishhh. He is strong in earning a living, he does not know what m4lu means for a mouthful of rice.. “

“Sed1hnya, I menag1 him when he gets money. He must not have thought anyone would be willing to help. Thank you ustaz for helping and sharing this video to make us aware….

Really seb4k look regardless of the hot pan4s the woman stayed standing. Anyway, thank you Ustaz Ebit for being willing to help, we hope this video can be an example to do good to anyone regardless of race or religion.

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