Sannah ‘Sana’ Mchunu Biography: Age, Salary.  |
Sannah ‘Sana’ Mchunu Biography: Age, Salary. |

Sannah ‘Sana’ Mchunu Biography: Age, Salary. |

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Sannah “Very” Mchunu (born 19 March 1972) is a South African-born veteran actress and TV personality. She is an inspiration to many young people who want to act as a profession.

She is a well-respected figure in the South African film trade.

Sannah “Very” Mchunu acquired so far in her career because she was fixed and centered. She never gave up on her goals to become one of the many highly revered and recognized acts in South Africa.

Join me and let’s research more about Sannah “Very” Mchunu.

Very bitter
Sannah 'Sana' Mchunu Biography: Age, Salary.
Full name: Sannah Mchunu
Stage name: Very bitter
Born: March 19, 1972 (aged 50)
Place of birth: Soweto, South Africa
Nationality: South African
Height: N/A
Parents: N/A
Brothers: Kobese’s daughter
Spouse • Spouse: Married
Lover • Partner: N/A
Children: Thokozai, Simphiwe, Sbusiso, Blessed, Themba, Ayanonga, Abongile
Occupation: Actress • TV Personality
Net worth: $300,000

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Sannah “Very” Mchunu was born into a poor family on March 19, 1972 in Soweto, South Africa. Due to the untold hardships, she teenage expert took a drastic dedication that resulted in additional depth points.

Sannah “Very” Mchunu she got pregnant at the age of 14. She was so naive, without plans and ambitions for her future and family.

Despite all the warnings and warnings of her father and mother, the actress made another foolish dedication, still getting pregnant at the age of 19.

Sannah “Very” Mchunu revealed that she stopped mixing with her friends because of the shame of being the one with young people at such a young age. Sannah “Very” Mchunu has a sister only recognized as Kobese’s daughter.


Sannah “Very” Mchunu revealed, after becoming pregnant for the second time, she spoke about: ‘She was so ashamed of her actions that she wanted to drop out of college. Whether the actress went once more to complete her analysis remains unclear.

Personal life

Things have taken a novel turn throughout life Sannah “Very” Mchunu when her father and mother died. However, she had no choice but to maneuver with the father of her fourth teenager. But she still has to survive, so she took a job as a caretaker with a meager salary that is barely enough to feed herself and the children.

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Sannah “Very” Mchunu he took the job as a janitor because he had no certificates and needed to survive. She experienced domestic violence while living with the father of her fourth teenager. For 9 years, he endured all the pain in silence, so when he thought it was time to move on, he left the home of the fourth teenage father.

Sannah “Very” Mchunu he has seven youths whose names are To have fun, He was given to us, A blessing, Bussies, Trust together with twin Ayanonga and They are grateful.

She left her husband because of domestic violence. There is no record to confirm if she is married or keeping a new model boyfriend.


Sannah “Very” Mchunu turned the topic of dialogue after her debut in the South African hit film titled In the gardenthe place where he performed the show Nomarashiya.

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In 2013, she debuted as Grace Letsoala in the entire self-titled assortment Wake up Mawlelethe place she took for the spectacle of a mother trying so tirelessly to separate her son from his girlfriend.

She made a notable appearance in some South African hit movies like that Generation, The hope, Sibaya, The City of Rhythm, Keeping score, The ring of liesand more. Sannah “Very” Mchunu he also worked as a dancer for Brenda Fassie.

Sannah “Very” Mchunu was named one of many very important acts revered in the trade and he or she won a royalty award for Best Supporting Actress in the movie titled Gomorrah.

Net worth

Sannah “Very” Mchunu has an estimated gross net worth of $300,000. She made her fortune from her acting career.

Social Media

  • Instagram takes care of: @sanamchunu7


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