Rossa Sera’s 11kg weight loss not due to liver consumption
Rossa Sera’s 11kg weight loss not due to liver consumption

Rossa Sera’s 11kg weight loss not due to liver consumption

Seen looking slim after his controversial marriage last year, Evening Red said his 11-pound weight loss was not due to liver consumption.

citing Metro dailycomedian Shuk Sahar’s wife said her weight dropped from 60 kilograms to 49 kilograms because she had more time for herself.

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“I don’t want to answer or prove anything because when it’s like that (look), I have more time for myself. So I don’t have time to think about negative things.

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“I want to take care of my weight because before I gave birth I was 50 kg, so at that time my body felt light. When I lose this weight I feel more energetic. I lost weight, not because of liver consumption. If you mean I eat the heart, it was a long time ago, so it must have been weak since then,” he said.

According to the mother of two, her appearance now makes her feel more confident and she wants to prove that she can do it, but not for revenge.

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“It is good to lose weight because before that person (Shuk Sahar) likes to have dinner and used to invite me once. That makes it difficult. When now it’s easy because I don’t eat much.

“I also did this to give myself confidence again, but not to take revenge. It’s a lie if I say I want to lose weight, not because of what happened before, but I also want to show that when he’s gone, I can really do all this,” he said.

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Meanwhile, Sera said she ignored comments from netizens who said she only now wanted to take care of her appearance after what happened to her household.

“Sometimes there are also comments where people say that when they have a husband they don’t want to take care of their body, but when they do, they want to lose weight. But I really don’t care.

“Now, if I wear any clothes, my son will say I’m beautiful. So he knows my change,” he said.