Release Date, Spoilers & Raw Scan
Release Date, Spoilers & Raw Scan

Release Date, Spoilers & Raw Scan

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22 September 2022

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Adventures in the Land of the Sun are sure to be extraordinary. What impressed us was the presence of the Shogun. He is truly a dreamer like Asta. The difference is that he has already accomplished his goal. Black Clover Chapter 339 will definitely be amazing.

Apparently, several major episodes of the Black Clover anime will be re-released, to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of its original release. This special will premiere on October 9th on TV Tokyo.

Also, we see that Black Clover has a Jump Festa stage.

It is to be hoped that the film will finally be announced. We have been waiting for this movie for a long time and Jump Festa is the big announcement party.

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Remember, based on the success of this movie, we may see the anime continue.

A new country with new people, a new power system, and great training prospects. It looks like we’ve entered some sort of training session where Asta will once again try and expand his powers to match the new villain. Black Clover 339 spoilers may show him trying to convince Ichika to train him.

There are also rumors that the anime will soon return with Black Clover Episode 171, what do you think?

Download Black Clover Scan Release Chapter 339:

There is a break this week

Therefore, Black Clover 339 will arrive one week later on September 28, 2022. The raw image will arrive in the next issue of Shonen Jump and will be leaked online.

The raw material was drawn, translated, written, and redrawn for fans of the series. This chapter will have the same amount, in our opinion, the English fan scan will be released on google on October 1, 2022.

We recommend all fans to read the official version of Black Clover chapter 339. The official English translation will be released on October 2, 2022.

Please visit the Mangaplus website, Viz Website, or Shonen Jump app to access this chapter legally and for free. This will benefit the creator as well.

Blue Lock Chapter 189 and One Piece Chapter 1061 will also be published this week on the Shonen Jump website.

Manga Black Clover 339 Theory:

Black clover 339

Ryuya Ryudo was a wonderful man. He immediately impressed us with his approachable personality and high status. The fact that he is so humble and loved by everyone, makes us curious to see how much Asta can take from him.

Black Clover 339 spoilers may show our hero questioning Ryudo about his life.

Who is Ryuga Ryudo?

As you all know, Asta somehow found himself teleported to the Land of the Sun. This is Yami country far away from the Clover Kingdom. Here, Asta meets Ryuga, the Shogun of the place.

He said that roughly translated, his position was the same as that of the Sorcerer King!

Ryuga said it would be a while before Lucius made his next move. The villain will now carefully execute his plan. Asta should use this opportunity to improve.

What’s really interesting is that like Asta, Ryuga also has no magic! Black Clover chapter 339 will show how he managed to become Shogun.

What did Asta do?

Asta finally manages to breathe. He went on a trip to see the place and made up his mind. The place amazes with its many wonders. He also found out that here, magic is called Yojutsu, and the power of magic is called Yoryoku.

Asta is reminded of his past and thinks about his sister. Suddenly, some bandits break in, trying to rob everyone.

Ryuga immediately saves several people, telling the gang that he doesn’t have Yoryoku at all. Spoilers for 339 Black Clover manga may reveal Ryuga instead.

What did Ichigo do?

We saw Ichika appear and take on the thief. He was a bit foul-mouthed and angry. Asta finds out that this woman is Yami’s sister!

Asta’s next target is Ryuzen Seven, the national warrior, to train.

However, Ichika isn’t half as friendly as Ryuga and apparently, she hates guys like Asta. We might see Black Clover Chapter 339 spent with Asta trying to convince this woman.

We are also excited to see the other members of the Ryuzen Seven.

Black Clover 339 spoilers

We ask you to be patient as we search for Black Clover chapter 339 spoilers. We will be able to post confirmed spoilers on September 30, 2022.

All spoilers will be posted or linked in this section for you. But now there are no spoilers and their search is more or less futile.

So stay tuned for all the latest news and spoilers. Meanwhile, also read our Empire Season 5 article while you wait.

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