Red Magician Marcel Radhival Reveals Gus Samsudin’s Viral Magic Trick
Red Magician Marcel Radhival Reveals Gus Samsudin’s Viral Magic Trick

Red Magician Marcel Radhival Reveals Gus Samsudin’s Viral Magic Trick Red Magician Marcel Radhival Reveals Gus Samsudin’s Viral Magic Trick. Surely you already know, not with the rumors now spreading on social media about a gus who is suspected of defrauding patients who sought treatment from him.

For those of you who don’t know or are looking for information about it, you can read our review till the end to know more about it.

Red Magician Marcel Radhival reveals magic tricks under the guise of treating Gus Samsudin in Kademangan District, Blitar Regency.

The Red Magician, aka Marcel Radhival, came to Gus Samsudin’s hermitage, intending to prove Gus Samsudin’s supernatural knowledge right in front of his own eyes.

Magician Red wants to dismantle Gus Samsudin’s magic trick. Previously, the Red Magician and Gus Samsudin clashed on YouTube.

Both often create content by satirizing each other. Finally, the Red Magician came to Gus Samsudin’s Nur Dzat Padepokan in Blitar.

He insists on proving Gus Samsudin’s supernatural knowledge, which is often broadcast through YouTube channels. One of them, when Gus Samsudin managed to get nails out of coconuts.

“I came because I wanted evidence, knowledge from Mas Udin. I had time to dismantle the treatment trick that burned the tissue,” said the Red Wizard.

Then he considered it a slander and allowed everyone to come in person, that is, an open invitation on his YouTube video.

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Not only that, on YouTube, the Red Magician also often makes videos of Gus Samsudin dismantling his magic tricks while healing or cleaning his patients’ houses.

Red Magician Marcel Radhival reveals Gus Samsudin’s magic tricks

In this 22.44 minute video, it begins with the confession of the Red Magician who wants to dismantle the fireball magic trick used by Gus Samsudin.

He also showed a video of Gus Samsudin meeting his patient. In the video, Gus Samsudin is seen muttering a prayer.

The mediator is the person who will connect Gus Samsudin with the supernatural. The mediator also looks like a trance.

Magician Merah said Gus Samsudin’s mediator was usually his own crew. The Red Wizard also challenged Gus Samsudin to use someone else as a mediator.

In fact, he proposed that supernatural beings come in as a mediator. Then, in the video, Gus Samsudin asked the owner of the house to find out if there were objects that were stored.

The homeowner then looked under the mattress for something suspicious and found a wad of absorbent paper.

Meanwhile, Gus Samsudin appeared to be carrying a small plate full of liquid. Gus Samsudin also looked like he was blown up to spit in the liquid.

After the meeting, the piece of paper was brought by Gus Samsudin. Then he spat on the plate, read a prayer to put a napkin on the plate.

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Then the saucer caught fire. The tissue was also consumed in the fire. “This is a trick for elementary school kids, if you use liquid, the trick is for elementary school kids,” said the Red Wizard.

The Red Magician downloads Gus Samsudin’s treatment

Eventually, the Red Wizard dismantled this trick. He opened the holes in the plate and a chemical called glycerin was prepared.

“The crew brought in a plate, the plate dripping with a chemical called glycerin like this. Then he spat on the edges, so it was like it was his spit,” he said.

“Even though it’s just camouflage so people don’t think it’s liquid, that’s why he spat it out,” said the Red Wizard.

So what about the lump of tissue under the bed belonging to patient Gus Samsudin? The Red Wizard suspected that the tissue was deliberately prepared by Gus Samsudin’s crew.

The tissue, added the Red Wizard, is lumpy because it is filled with powder. The powder material is flammable when exposed to chemicals.

“Next, the tissue that was thrown under the mattress, it was the crew that threw it, that the dust was already put in, that’s a really basic trick.”

“We bring this powder closer. Now it’s just swept under the mattress. He then acts in a trance, sweeping this tissue under the carcass, even though his own crew kicked him,” added the Red Wizard.

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“Well, it stays put together in this liquid, watch it stay together like that, if it’s combined, the powder and liquid will burn,” he concluded.

Gus Samsudin Jadab is known to be one of the YouTubers who often shares his spiritual experiences. Gus Samsudin has a YouTube channel with 1.6 million subscribers.

He is also known as a preacher as well as the founder of the phenomenal Nur Dzat Sejati Padepokan.

In the past, Gus Samsudin was referred to as a gendeng student because he studied Islam at Pondok Condro Mowo in Giri Mulyo, Jogo Rogo, Ngawi town.

Currently, Gus Samsudin has hundreds of followers and also a hermitage. Meanwhile, the Red Magician’s real name is Marcel Radhival.

He is a man from Tangerang who often uploads YouTube videos about magic and reveals magic tricks that are considered deceptive and are in the mystical things of shamanism.


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