Recommended online car rental apps, you can take out the keys!
Recommended online car rental apps, you can take out the keys!

Recommended online car rental apps, you can take out the keys!

Here are some recommendations car rental app daily and best unlock. Finding car rentals just got easier!

See more information in the following Finansialku article.


  • Mo rental applicationbil helps us easily find car rental services according to our needs.
  • This application is already available in various major cities in Indonesia with car specifications and rental prices.

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Recommended online car rental apps

People’s need for cars is increasing. This is what underlies emergence car rental app online daily either with driver or keyless.

Maybe you’re experienced in visiting an area, but you’re having a hard time finding car rental services. With these apps, the difficulty will be overcome.

notas a reference and recommendation for you, Finansialku has summarized the recommendations of the application car rental The best. Here is more information!

#1 Movic

The first recommended app is Movic. This app plays a role in connecting consumers looking for car rentals with their car owners.

Thus, you can get the nearest rental car more easily. One of the advantages you can feel using Movic is that you can choose the type of car that suits your needs.

You can also rent a car, either with a driver or without a key.

#2 Traveloka

Not only serving to purchase hotel tickets to travel, the Traveloka app also provides accommodation for users to get car rentals.

Traveloka currently offers in-app car rental features. not What’s more special, Traveloka also offers package options All inclusive.

As a car rental, you will receive a price package all in including the cost of petrol, tolls, consumption costs and driver accommodation for out-of-town journeys.

#3 Catch up

By now, Grab is well-known as a ride-hailing service provider app online be it a car or a motorcycle.

However, in line with the needs of today’s society, Grab also offers car rental services through the Rent GrabCar feature.

Using the Grab app, you can get access to daily chauffeured car rentals ranging from 4 to 12 hours. You can also rent a car without a driver.

Grab is one of the apps that recommended because it guarantees the safety and reputation of the driver.

#4 Maximum

Apart from Grab, the transport apps online Another thing, Maxim also offers car rental services online at a relatively affordable price.

In this application there are named services Time machine. The rental fee starts from Rp 50 thousand per hour at a rate of Rp 833.3 per minute.

Maximum mem-offer rental of small car types up to minibuses or minivans with 6 passengers.

#5 DoCar

Then the fifth recommendation is DoCar. Uniquely by using this app, you can get information related to vehicle specifications.

Starting from the car’s transmission type, car photos, passenger capacity, to color choices. There are a variety of daily car rental durations, which are 8.12, up to 24 hours. Currently, the DoCar app is available in 14 major cities in Indonesia.


Then, also does not want to lose to provide car rental services. You can enjoy the services of this application in several major cities in Indonesia.

Among others, Jakarta, Malang, Lombok and many more. You can also perform payment activities at any time until confirmation because the service is available 24 hours.

#7 Klook

The next app is Klook. One of the advantages of this application is the availability of rental services with a range of cars with a capacity of up to 12 passengers.

So it is suitable for those of you who will be traveling in groups. Not only that, the distance for a single rental is up to 600 km.

#8 Carpool

Then the eighth app recommendation is Share Car. This application is suitable as an option if you need to rent a car with a key-stop system.

While the rate itself adapts to the type of car you rent and the duration of its use.

#9 TRAC To Go

TRAC To Go is a must try car rental app. This app is under the auspices of Astra which also offers insurance protection and a relatively affordable price.

Not only that, TRAC To Go quite often also holds price promotions that are quite tempting.

#10 Booker

Next is Boocar, which now operates in 50 cities in Indonesia. In addition to the very wide coverage, you can also make payment transactions with ease.

To use Gopay, Akulaku, even to pay at the supermarket. Not only that, you can enjoy the transfer feature for round trips.

There is also a daily or hourly rental price option that you can set yourself.

#11 HipCar

The presence of HipCar can be said to be very special. The reason is that this app combines the need of the car rental community with the latest technological innovations.

The reason is that, in addition to the relatively cheap price, you also don’t have to meet the renter or the car owner to pick up the key.

You can unlock the car directly using the smartphone app, very unique, isn’t it? Of course, it is very suitable for those of you who want to feel the feeling of renting a car that is different from the usual one.

#12 Non-mafia

Another free car rental app is Nemob. Using this app, you can choose the available car options according to your needs.

In addition, Nemob also offers various car rental service options such as with driver, lock-in packages, special car rentals and others.

Estimated daily car rental prices

Each app, of course, charges different daily car rental rates.

For your further information and reference, the following is a summary of the estimates car rental price daily in various cities either using a driver or without a driver.

Rental prices using a driver

Rental prices using a driver

Table of rental prices using a driver

Daily rental price without driver

Daily rental price without driver

Table of daily rental prices without driver


  • AT (automatic transmission)

Keyless car rental conditions

Then, as a reference for anticipation, there are several conditions that you need to consider first before renting a car. Requirementcar rental terms These generally include:

  • Card Ofresident card (KTP)
  • Surah IDriving license (SIM)
  • Tan cardan identifier from the workplace
  • Photocopy Pageak Earth & Buildings (UN)
  • Electricity or telephone bills

With the car rental app, we make it easier for us as consumers who want to rent a car. But don’t forget to pay attention to the price aspect and requirements to be asked, OK!

notif you plan to go on holiday, is the cost of renting a car included in your holiday budget allocation?

If not, Yesbudget again, don’t let yourself get confused or what what ran out of money to rent a car!

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These are some recommendations for daily online car rental apps that you can use. Let’s share this article so more people get the information! It may be useful!

Editor: Ratna Sri H.

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