Recommended application for notes on the computer as a reminder of your tasks
Recommended application for notes on the computer as a reminder of your tasks

Recommended application for notes on the computer as a reminder of your tasks

DEJAVANEWS.COM – Recommended notes application on PC as a reminder of your tasks. The time you spend in front of the computer in your daily life. Especially in this online age. Therefore, it is definitely more practical to take small notes on the computer.

In fact, what is the use of notes app on a PC? What apps can I use? Read this article completely!. What apps can I use? See this whole article!.

Benefits of the Notes app

You can do many things with your computer. With the advancement of this era, everything seems to be better done digitally.

All your tasks and activities can be done through your computer. So, it would be more practical to write notes directly on the computer, right?

The Notes application on your computer allows you to record everything that is usually important to you, whether it happens during an online meeting or if you are looking for references.

With the Notes app on your computer, you don’t have to worry about sharing paper notes anymore. Digital notes like these also help keep notes from getting scattered.

Recommended Notes app on your computer

It would be nice not to be able to record everything directly from your computer. However, when using an app, you will be confused which one is right for you.

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So, here are some recommended note taking apps for users to choose from.

The most recommended notepad app for PC is Google Keep. Google Keep is still part of a series of applications introduced by Google.

Of course, the point is to take notes on your computer or whatever gadget you have. This app lets you take small, colorful notes by adding fun apps.

Just like the Google app, this Google Keep app has its advantages. This app connects to all devices registered to the same email address.

Thus, the user can view these records on any user’s device. As this application is an output from Google, it can be noted that this application can only be run on a network.

Taking notes on your computer is very easy with any of the note-taking apps above. Users can instantly record important things they learn while using a computer.

In addition, users do not have to worry about lost or damaged records. All recordings are safely stored in the PC directory and can be opened at any time.

Microsoft OneNote

If you want to enjoy the cooler features of notes on your computer, Microsoft device users can use OneNote.

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This app is a native app from Microsoft, but not a native app. Users can install it from the official Microsoft application provider service. OneNote is featured as a highly recommended note-taking application.

In this application, users can write notes. Users can also write notes directly in the form of a mind map.

This way, user notes are more concise and easy to understand. Users can also use the voice recording feature. The recorded voice can be turned into notes later.

The first recommendation, of course, is that the notes app on your PC is sticky notes. This app is a notes app for PC which is a default app for PC.

All PCs must install this application. Users can use it to make small notes or reminder notes. Sticky notes also allow you to stick multiple notes on the home screen.

The notes on the sticky notes can change color according to the user’s wishes. In the memo, the user can also arrange the agenda that has been made.

However, since this app is a basic app, its functionality is considered too simple. Users could not add images to this note.

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In third place is the note-taking app as big as OneNote on the computer, namely EverNote. This app allows you to take multiple notes directly from your computer.

Evernote also has the ability to add graphics, images, recordings, videos, and more to help users take notes.

However, this app has received a lot of complaints from users. For users of the free version, the features offered are very limited.

On the other hand, advanced features require users to make multiple payments. Moreover, the selling price of EverNote app is said to be too expensive for this app.

Here is a simple notes app. This app has been released for mobile phones like Android and iOS.

But now users can also use it through a PC. This application is very suitable for users to add small notes while doing activities on PC.

The simple notes app provides basic note-taking functionality on your computer. In fact, Simple Note does not offer the same full features as OneNote and EverNote.

However, you can enjoy this app completely for free. Users can also change the background color and text type and add images to their notes in this app.