Read the novel The New Star and I!  – NEW TYPE
Read the novel The New Star and I! – NEW TYPE

Read the novel The New Star and I! – NEW TYPE

Bokeh.SHOP – On this occasion we are here again and we will give you information about. Read the latest novel Bintang and Eu!

This is good news for novel lovers. This time we will give a review of a novel that is very interesting and fun to read.

In addition to being fun and enjoyable, this novel is also very suitable to accompany your free time, novelists, especially for teenagers who love to read.

For that, here we will provide a summary of the novel Me and the stars. So that you are no longer curious, let’s see the synopsis below.

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Description of novels

Title: Stars and Me
Genre: Romance, Indonesian Literature, Novel, Contemporary, Fiction, Youth, Chick Lit
Author: Ilana Tan

Synopsis Roman Eu and Steaua

Olivia Mitchell gets a job offer in New York. New York is Olivia’s dream place as Olivia dreams of becoming a musical actress on Broadway. Of course, Olivia immediately seized the opportunity without hesitation.

Besides achieving her dream, Olivia wants to go to New York to find out the truth about who her real parents are. When Olivia was a child, her birth parents sent Olivia to the Madeline West Home for Children orphanage in New York.

Olivia has known since childhood that she is not the biological child of the Mitchell family. Olivia already considers her adoptive parents as her biological parents.

On the other hand, her adoptive parents treat Olivia very well, they really love Olivia as their biological child.

However, it is undeniable that since childhood Olivia has always wondered about her biological parents. Not because he wanted them back, but because he wanted to find an answer to why his biological parents left him in the orphanage.

Olivia eventually went to New York and worked as an actress on Broadway. One afternoon after the show, at a Mexican restaurant owned by Mama Rosa, Olivia and her best friends, Abigail and Adam met Lawrence Rex Rankin.

Rex Rankin is a childhood friend of Olivia who is very close to her in Scotland where they come from, the house where they live next to each other. Olivia and Rex’s relationship began to fall apart when they were in high school.

The last word

This is the review we can give. We hope this review can be useful to all of you. Especially for romance lovers.