Ranking order of Mobile Legends (ML) from lowest to highest
Ranking order of Mobile Legends (ML) from lowest to highest

Ranking order of Mobile Legends (ML) from lowest to highest

BantenDay.co.id – For those of you who have been playing Mobile Legends for a long time, you must already know what rank is. Unlike levels, Mobile Legend rank can be said as status. As for level, it’s nothing but the rank you get at that time. Still confused? When we explain what rank exists in this MOBA game, you might understand it.

How long have you been playing Mobile Legends (ML) online games? Is your current rank high? Of course, it takes a long time to reach the highest rank in ML games. It could be more than a year. This is because the rank system used by the game released by Moonton may drop. That is, when you lose a match, the rank you get at that time may decrease. Specifically the previously earned ratings or stars.

Interestingly, the rank system used can make the game more balanced. You will not meet players with different ranks. Let’s say you are currently ranked 3rd, then you only play with all players who are also ranked 3rd.

Ranked mode will open when you create a new account. That is, there are conditions that must be met to start gaining rank, that is, to have reached level 8 and have at least 5 heroes. Do you know what rank Mobile Legend has? Let’s see the next chapter!

The latest ranking order of Mobile Legends

Previously, the ranking in the online game, which was downloaded by more than 100 million users, was limited to only seven. Then this year (2021), the developer added another top tier, the Glorious Mythic rank. So what are the ranks in ML? Below is the order and a little explanation of each rank that I gathered from several sources!

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1. Warrior of rank

The first start when creating a new account, the rank obtained is Warrior. There are different levels or tiers in this rank namely Warrior III, II and I. Every time you want to advance to the next level, players must manage to collect 3 stars.

Don’t worry too much when you’re in this first position, because you won’t lose stars when you lose the game. For the prize, if you manage to get to the next rank, you can get 100 tickets and 1000 battle points.

2. Elite Rank

When you are in Rank Elite, of course you already know the basics of Mobile Legend game, right? For this it is not difficult to move to the next level. But make no mistake, the higher your rank, the stronger the enemy will automatically be. That means you have to validate your skills even better if you want to move to the next rank.

As with the first rank, there are three levels that must be passed in order to reach the third rank. The difference is that this time you have to collect 4 stars if you want to go to the next level. Meanwhile, if you lose the game, your star will decrease.

3. Mobile Legend Master Ranking

If you are at this level, the mobile legend rank image is definitely a golden yellow lion head. There are many differences in the ranking this time. There are 4 levels to pass namely master IV, III, II and I. Collect 4 stars to move to the next level.

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You will find ML players with enough skill to prevent you from advancing to the next rank. But when you know the prizes in the form of 300 tickets and 4,000 battle points, it definitely makes you more excited, right?

4. The rank of Grand Master

As said above, the higher the rank, the higher the level of difficulty to advance to the next rank. This will happen if you are in the grandmaster rank position.

Many players you meet have used the strongest hero like Meta and how to maximize it. There are 5 levels to go through, each level requires 5 stars to move to the next level.

5. Mobile Legend Epic Leaderboard

If there is the term group hell in a football match, here there is also a rank hell, namely Epic Rank. Why is it called that? Because whoever wins the matchup will be able to ban enemy heroes with the Draft Pick system.

As with the fourth rank, you must have 5 stars to advance to the next level. The same with the number of levels to be passed up to 5 to reach the next rank.

6. Rank legend

The following mobile legend ranks according to the name of the game, namely legend. It takes quite a long time to reach the next rank. The reason is that players in this rank are not beans or potatoes, but are already considered professional players who are hard to beat.

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So hone your skills so that you can win every match, at least you can keep up with their game. Still the same regarding the levels of the previous rank which is 5 levels and 5 stars for each level.

7. Mythic Rank

Previously, the Mythic Rank was the highest before it was updated with an additional rank in 2021. If you have reached this rank, you can breathe a sigh of relief. This is because Moonton removed the rules for rank and level drop.

But instead, it is quite difficult to be able to reach the highest rank. You need to collect 600 points to be able to move to the next level. Each higher level also requires 5 stars.

8. Glorious Mythic Rank

It is certain that you have become a legend when you are at this rank. Where Rank Glorious Mythic is the highest peak of the current ML rank order. You can play with other top players who also have the same rank.


About how long does it take to reach the highest mobile legend rank? Or just another question, roughly how long does it take to reach each rank? Of course it depends on your ability and intensity to play! The more you play, of course, the more you understand the ins and outs of playing mobile legends online.