Price Information of the Latest Book Al Umm by Imam Asy-Syafi’i (Complete Edition and Per Volume) – Price List and Tariff 2022
Price Information of the Latest Book Al Umm by Imam Asy-Syafi’i (Complete Edition and Per Volume) – Price List and Tariff 2022

Price Information of the Latest Book Al Umm by Imam Asy-Syafi’i (Complete Edition and Per Volume) – Price List and Tariff 2022

To make it easier for Muslims to perform religious worship properly and correctly, many fiqh books have been published and can be used as guidelines. Of all the books of fiqh that have ever been published, one that is quite phenomenal in the Islamic world is Kitab Al Umm by Imam Asy-Shafi’i. This book is available in 16 volumes. To have this entire series of books, the selling price can really reach millions of rupees. Expensive? Of course it is relative, especially since this book was written in a unique method.

Illustration of a hadith book (source: da'
Illustration of a hadith book (source: da’

Al Umm’s book may be the greatest and unsurpassed fiqh book of its time. This book discusses various issues comprehensively with arguments, both from the Qur’an, al-Sunnah, Ijma’ and Qiyas. The contents of this book are a testament to the breadth of Imam Shafi’i’s knowledge in the field of fiqh. Meanwhile, from another angle, this book is also considered a hadith book. The reason is that the presented hadith arguments use a separate path of narration, just like the hadith books.

In fact, among scholars, there are doubts and differences of opinion regarding the authorship of Al Umm, whether this book was written by Imam Shafi’i himself or by his students. According to Ahmad Amin, this book is not the direct work of Imam Shafi’i, but the work of his student based on the method of dictation he received from Imam Shafi’i. However, on the other hand, Abu Zahrah believes that this is the writing of Imam Shafi’i and also his student.

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Regardless of differences of opinion, this book can be attributed to Imam Shafi’i because it contains his opinions and thoughts in the field of law, based on the history of his students who are recognized as correct and tsiqah. Like the rules of writing and compiling the hadiths of the Prophet SAW which were compiled by the muhaddisin based on authentic narrations from them.

In his book, Imam Shafi’i begins his review by quoting a verse that has legal content and is related to his discussion. Then, to strengthen it further, he included a series of hadiths and an explanation of the status of these hadiths. Especially for the hadith status, most of the hadiths that are described in the degree are daif hadiths. Meanwhile, the hadith that is not explained by Imam Shafi’i is considered valid and strong as a legal basis.

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Like most fiqh books, Imam Syafi’i also made a classification of topics in the main chapter such as purification, prayer, zakat, fasting, hajj, iktikaf, crime (criminality of crime), swearing (yamin), luqatah (found). goods), buying and selling, transfer of debts (hiwalah), marriage and divorce and mortgage (rahn). Branch problems (furu’) are also discussed in the main chapters.

In addition, this book is also equipped with a separate and focused discussion on the debates and differences that arise between scholars. For example, the differences between Malik and Abu Hanifah, Ibn Abi Laila and Al-Awzai, as well as the disagreements between Iraqi scholars and the rejection of Muhammad bin Al Hasan.

Al Umm Book Series (twitter: @bukurepublika)
Al Umm Book Series (twitter: @bukurepublika)

Kitab Al Umm by Imam Ash-Syafi’i Price

Then what is the price of Al Umm Book of Imam Ash-Shafi’i? As mentioned above, the price of this book is relatively expensive considering the quality of the writing. For a set of 16 volumes, the book is sold for IDR 2,674,000 in 2020. This price is an increase from 2019, which was sold from IDR 2,375,000 to IDR 2,500,000.

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Then in 2021, the price of Kitab Al Umm by Imam Asy-Syafi’I will vary from Rp 2,184,000. to Rp. 2,225,000, down from the price of 2020. Meanwhile, if consumers want to buy retail, the price will be around Rp. .95 thousand – 105 thousand Rp. in 2021 for one volume, or 360 thousand Rp. for three volumes at once. In 2020, the price per volume is Rp 110 thousand, and for 3 volumes it is set at Rp 350 thousand.

Meanwhile, compared to 2021, the price of Kitab Al Umm of Imam Ash-Shafi’i in 2022 has increased. For a set of 16 volumes, the book is sold for Rp 2,400,000. in 2022, increasing from Rp. 2,184,000. in 2021. Meanwhile, the volume is priced at Rp. 187,000. in 2022, increasing from 95 thousand – 5 thousand Rp. in 2021.

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