PHOTOS: Chelsea Houska poses with family during summer vacation
PHOTOS: Chelsea Houska poses with family during summer vacation

PHOTOS: Chelsea Houska poses with family during summer vacation

MTV The DeBoer clan headed to Siesta Key in the sun to enjoy the beach.

There was no hat in sight when Chelsea Houska and her family vacationed in Siesta Key, Florida. The group flew to the Sunshine State to enjoy the beach and soak up the sun.

Houska, 31, posted a photo of her three children and captioned it “holiday style.” Featuring 13-year-old Aubree, 5-year-old Watson, and 4-year-old Layne. The only child missing from the photo was 1-year-old June Walker.

Children held up frozen drinks and smiled at the camera. While Layne and Watson chose blue drinks, Aubree chose red.

Another photo from the vacation featured a plate of oysters and a frozen drink with the caption, “Your look attracts your tribe.”

Since the DeBoers were on vacation, Houska decided to do an ad with Belle & Rae Co, her photography company. The former “Teen Mom” ​​star is now offering 15 percent off her old Lightroom kit.

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A rare unfiltered photo of Houska and her husband, Cole DeBoer, was shared on Belle & Rae Co’s Instagram page to show what their filters can do.

Reddit users criticized Houska

Houska faced backlash from some Reddit fans for posting the holiday photos. There were several users who noticed that Houska appeared to have a fake tan.

“She’s so orange, why is she wearing an even more orange filter?” one person wrote.

Is this dysmorphia? Is that true? one asked.

“Girl, look how bad orange you look,” said one of the top replies.

Others were surprised to see that he posted pictures while on vacation. The star’s home was burgled in 2019 and she once said she would no longer share photos while she was away.

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“I remember when he said he wouldn’t post anymore because his old house was robbed,” said one popular commenter.

The house was ‘shaken’ by the burglars

Houska and DeBoer filmed the aftermath of the robbery and revealed they were still “in shock” a week after it happened.

“We found out our house was broken into while we were gone,” Houska told MTV during an episode of “Teen Mom” ​​before he resigned. “It’s been a week and I’m still in shock.”

The couple was discussing the incident with the producer, Mandi V. “She went back into our bedroom and came out and came out,” DeBoer said of his wife, according to Ashley’s Reality Roundup. “She said nothing is right here.”

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“The person in the master bedroom is devastated,” he continued. “Shit everywhere. Thrown containers. I was scared right away.”

Houska feared that he would not be able to move forward after the invasion. “I feel like everybody’s going to get over it, and I’m not going to get over it, and everybody’s saying, ‘Get over it!’ and I can’t,” he said.

Hoska got her wish.

The DeBoers bought land and began building their dream home in March 2020. They started the Down Home DeBoers Instagram page and have amassed 760,000 followers. The registration process helped land them a gig on HGTV.

Their new show, where they renovate homes in South Dakota, is scheduled to air on HGTV in the spring of 2023.

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