Phasmophobia Ghost Speeds: How fast and slow are ghosts?
Phasmophobia Ghost Speeds: How fast and slow are ghosts?

Phasmophobia Ghost Speeds: How fast and slow are ghosts?

In Phasmophobia, you are a ghost hunter, and as an investigator, certainly one of the many points that is important to know that is identical to your hand is the ghost’s movement speeds. Not only will it imply that you could loosen up the ghost you’re trying to determine, but you may also know the easiest way to successfully deal with it. death.

What are the movement speeds of the ghosts in Phasmophobia?

how fast slow ghosts phasmophobia

In principle, the the movement speed of the ghosts is 1.7 m/s. Once he starts chasing you with intent to kill, he can probably boost up to 1.65 situations of his genuine speed. It will return to its slower self after it has been successfully dodged and hidden from you. But there are other components that determine phantom speeds that you need to discover.

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How fast and slow are Phasmophobia ghosts

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  • Jinan – The speed 2.81 m/s if the participant is more than 3 meters away while the safety zone is activated. If the safety zone is off or closer than 3 meters, then it has the standard ghost speed.
  • Raiju – Players can rely on a speed of 2.81 m/s if it is close to a lively digital system. But other than that, it will respect the standard ghost speed.
  • the Twins – One of the “twins” will switches 10% faster than usual and the a major one will switch 10% slower than usual.
  • poltergeist – If the widespread health of players is low, it will become faster. May be achieve speeds of two.25 m/s along with 3.71 m/s.
  • Deogenes – Players can rely on this ghost’s speed to be a thing 0.4 m/s to 3 m/scounting on his distance from them.
  • The ghost – If The room is cooler, Hantu will change faster and should touch a speed of two.7 m/s. May be it gets right up to 1.44 m/s if the temperature rises.
  • Revenant – If you’re in clear view of a Revenant, you can find them following you at a speed of three m/s. But it should cross your mind disguise successfully, no doubt it will be slower loads at 1 m/s.
  • Thaye – The speed of this ghost is 2.75 m/s and each time it ages, it will go right up to 0.175 m/s. After he aged absolutely, the speed will become 1 m/s.

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Note that these speeds are approximate values ​​and not precise. And besides, don’t forget that the ghost’s speed will undoubtedly be completely different when you’re off the visual highway compared to a quick chase.

That’s how lively and gradual the Ghosts of Phasmophobia are. Players must keep a stock of Smudge Sticks, Sanity Pills, have some Crucifixes, and know the easiest way to determine assorted ghosts in Phasmophobia to survive the challenge. To help you in this exercise, we have acquired a lot of GUIDELINES which can ease your points.

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