PewDiePie under fire after ‘taunting’ deaf TikToker – Techbondhu
PewDiePie under fire after ‘taunting’ deaf TikToker – Techbondhu

PewDiePie under fire after ‘taunting’ deaf TikToker – Techbondhu

PewDiePie, the famous YouTuber has come under the netizens’ radar for pleasing a deaf tiktoker lately. As PewDiePie made his video including the video of a deaf tiktoker, netizens were quick to react to it. While PewDiePie is now facing backlash for his response to the deaf tiktoker’s video.

Read on to learn more about PewDiePie faces backlash for pleasing a deaf tiktoker.

PewDiePie mocked a deaf tiktoker

PewDiePie is a stylish YouTuber who keeps posting videos on YouTube. He even has 111 million subscribers on YouTube. Although it was normal when PewDiePie was making a video. He decided to add a video of a deaf tiktoker he was following. In that video, a lady was using sign language to tell a story.

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But as PewDiePie went to watch the ladies video. He stopped it in the middle after a few seconds. Furthermore, he stated that he could no longer follow. While he additionally mocked ladies’ long fingernails. As he contrasts it along with his canine nails. He even went on to make fun of the canine about the girls’ way of speaking.

Netizens criticize PewDiePie for mocking his deaf tiktoker

Just as quickly because the video of PewDiePie mocking the deaf tiktoker was posted by the YouTuber. The video immediately went viral. Indeed, netizens continued to blast the YouTuber for his response to the deaf tiktoker. But then PewDiePie tried to edit the article and repost it. However, he forgot to take the previous thumbnail where the video photo of the deaf tiktoker was seen.

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Although netizens were quick enough to save PewDiePie’s video. While they additionally uploaded it on social media. Netizens continued to criticize the YouTuber saying why are people not talking about the YouTuber who mocked a black deaf woman. While some even stated that the YouTuber is worse.

Deaf tiktoker’s response to being mocked by PewDiePie

Not only netizens were busy slamming the Youtuber for the best way he reacted to the deaf tiktoker. But the deaf tiktoker whose name is also May has responded to the YouTuber’s taunt. As he went on to share what he felt in a TikTok video.

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In her new TikTok video, May said the YouTuber ignored her story simply because she used sign language and had long fingernails. She also stated that as an alternative, the YouTuber enjoyed her along with his canine. It was unfortunate for May to have such a style maker act like this. She even stated that PewDiePie did not apologize but edited the clip.