Open your chest Troubled husband, Draw near to God YOUR HEART WILL REMAIN CALM!
Open your chest Troubled husband, Draw near to God YOUR HEART WILL REMAIN CALM!

Open your chest Troubled husband, Draw near to God YOUR HEART WILL REMAIN CALM!

It is true that it is not easy when tested with a problematic partner. The level of patience can get as “thin” as the skin of an onion! But believe me when you are destined to be in this situation, try to be open minded, get closer to God. This is because when you start surrendering and surrendering, even if you are pressured by various tests, your heart will remain calm.

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How to keep an open mind with a problematic partner.?

Remember, the bigger the test, the bigger the reward.

Any person to whom Allah wishes to give Paradise in the Hereafter, then Allah first tests him in this world. When a good person becomes our partner, then he is the best for us. When a bad person ends up being our partner, then that is also the best for us.

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The best is not him, not his attitude, not his behavior, not his actions, but ourselves who are able to be patient with him until God provides a way out.

Get closer to God

To deal with a problematic partner, we must first draw close to God. It sounds like a cliché, it seems like this advice has been given by many people, but believe me, only by drawing closer to God will we be satisfied…satisfied with His provisions at this time.

Not when we are satisfied, then no matter what the partner does, we are still ok…it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t feel, it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t hurt.

We still feel all this, we still feel sad, we still can’t accept it… even when we’re happy, we can still cry because of our partner… it’s just that we’ve given up, we’ve surrendered and when we’re in such a situation, our hearts will remain calm.

Making peace with fate

God’s destiny, no one can predict. We can only accept and make peace with that destiny.. God will not test us beyond our capacity and God will not persecute us by continuing to let our partner be like this forever.
Sooner or later, either his life or ours, God will CHANGE.

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Women’s Weekly: I hope this share is helpful. For those who are tested with a problematic partner, be open-minded, draw close to God, and be content with His provisions, for when we are in a state of surrender and submission, our hearts will remain calm.

Source: Firdaus Shakirin

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