Once Upon a Small Town (Season 1), Episode 8: Recap
Once Upon a Small Town (Season 1), Episode 8: Recap

Once Upon a Small Town (Season 1), Episode 8: Recap

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Once Upon a Small Town (K-drama), Season 1, Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: It’s a new day in Huidong, and people are busy with their daily lives. This new episode of this romantic K-drama adds some new characters and twists the love angle. Ji-yul breaks up with Ahn, and the two spend a lot of time together in this episode. At the same time, an old flame from Seoul is changing the direction of the show, making it more attractive for comedy and romance.

Here’s a quick recap of the eighth episode of the Netflix entertainment show as I break down what’s next. Spoiler alertKindly read your decision.


Episode 8 takes us to Ahn’s workplace, where she happily thinks about her conversation with Han Ji-yul the other night. At the police station, when one of Ahn’s co-workers noticed that she was not thinking, he asked the city police chief about her unusual feelings.

In the previous episode, we saw that Ji-yul finally had the courage to be more informal and considerate of Ahn’s presence around him. After bringing Seon-dong back home safely, we see Ji-yul apologize to her for being arrogant, not knowing who she is until he remembers that they were best friends when they were young. He also shared that it was the only good memory he had of the year they met.

Since it was late at night, Ji-yul brought his bike to offer her a lift back home. However, Ahn politely declined his ride but took his bike to go home. She feels that Ji-yul is suddenly changing energy and respects her more. It seems that this particular event is now special to Ahn as she stands next to his bike, smiling and thinking about her story with him.

On the other hand, while doing a routine inspection of the cattle, Ji-yul heard the story about the National Anthem contest. The women of the city are analyzing the incident in the local council where the two administrations had a fight. Ji-yul finds out that Ahn somehow got into the fight, and the chief of the neighboring town has bad things to say about him.

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On his way back to the hospital, Han Ji-yul is stopped by a choking woman who wants to check on her pet dog. Officer Ahn and her fellow officer also joined them. Since the mother’s mother lives in Gupyeong and her dog suddenly collapsed and could not get up, they called all the nearby veterinary hospitals, but no one could be found. The officer explains to Ji-yul that he has to look into the matter immediately since he is in town.

Gupyeong is about an hour away from the city, and the woman’s mother is 95; It would be impossible for her to drive to the hospital there. The officer suggests going there to treat the sick dog. Although he couldn’t leave his ongoing work here in Huidong, Officer Ahn stopped him and asked if he could spare just two hours to treat a dog in need. Since she knows a shorter route from the city that will take 40 minutes, she can take it to the other village.

Ji-yul is concerned about the treatment of a pet dog owned by someone from Majeong. He asks why Ahn doesn’t bother the woman who always lines up with other women, treats him badly. He pointed out that these women do not turn a blind eye before saying bad things but always befriend people when they need it. Without answering any of his concerns, Ahn agreed to drive the car. The woman consoled him, and they both went to the other city.

While driving, Ahn looks at Ji-yul and asks if he is worried about her. She tells him that he has changed a lot. He used to think about treating the animals without worrying about what came next. However, he began to believe the opposite.

As they chat, Ji-yul realizes that he is a year older than Ahn, so he suggests that he talk to him there. However, she does not agree with being called Oppa (older brother), but he is afraid that he will never mention her calling him that. When they reach Gupyeong, they rush to treat Doldol. The dog’s owner, an old woman, thanked them and gave them fresh corn to eat on their way home.

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After their treatment, the two men think they have overcome the obstacle; they quickly realized that the car had a flat tire. After learning their car will take time to fix, the two decide to put the time on their hands to do something spontaneous. However, it changes the course of the day as they have an interesting day that helps them learn more about each other.

After spending a wonderful time together, when they reached their hometown, Huidong – Ji-yul found out that his girlfriend from Seoul came to the village to visit. Since Ahn spent the whole day with him, the two share the shock of the new addition to their chemistry. Ji-yul is also surprised and uncomfortable with his girlfriend’s surprising gesture. It seems just when we thought things were going well for Ji-yul and Ahn, a new guest in town makes everything go back to square one.

The incident slowly unravels new details, and we learn that his girlfriend Ji-yul Choi Min is his ex, who is desperate to get back with the young doctor. Han Ji-yul doesn’t want to stay with her and wants her to go back home. However, Choi Min insists and already plans to stay in the village for another week. She has found a place for herself and promises to give her best shot this time in their relationship. Although Ji-yul’s intentions say otherwise, his ex-girlfriend vows to win his heart at any cost.


The show, this time, is tense and tense as Choi Min decides to stay in Ahn Ja-young’s place. It seems that no one is satisfied with this, and the residents of the city have found a new purpose to do things on their own. The women’s group finds new ways to fill Ahn’s mind with unnecessary things about Ji-yul and the past.

Unpleasant details constantly haunt the young officer about the guests in Seoul, which makes her angry. Sang Hye-on’s return to town also adds more tension to this episode as he begins to act even more obnoxious than his usual self. Whenever he meets the couple, he starts acting like he is Ahn’s friend and makes the whole situation normal.

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Episode 8 becomes more funny and enjoyable when we find out that Ji-yul’s friend in Seoul left him with no choice but to accompany Choi Min to the village. While Ji-yul isn’t happy about his ex-girlfriend’s feelings and his determination to make things right, he’s also a little mad that things are getting worse instead of better. At one point, his friend suggested that he should not be angry, and tried to make him understand that his relationship with Choi Min was not destroyed or burned as he thought, so he should consider her efforts.

Han Ji-yul’s friend also tries to convince her that he sees everything and tells her that his girlfriend should not break up. Since she was going to work in the States, she had to leave suddenly. Although his friend tried to take his mind off Min, Ji-yul understood very well what needed to be done at this moment.

Meanwhile, we see Ahn and Sang Hye-on walking through a peach orchard, discussing the new guests in town. Hye-on quickly asks Ahn if she thought about the things they discussed after he confessed his love to her. Their conversation is interrupted when Nurungji (Ahn’s dog) runs off to play with Ji-yul.

The three leaders are the same way, as Ji-yul admits that Choi Min is not his girlfriend. When it comes to his love life, he doesn’t have anyone else in his life at the moment. At the same time, Sang Hye-on doesn’t agree with how things change after this. The episode ends with another confession that affects Ahn’s decision to choose between her crush and her best friend who is in love with her.

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