Olivia Wilde responds to rumors that Harry Styles spat on Chris Pine
Olivia Wilde responds to rumors that Harry Styles spat on Chris Pine

Olivia Wilde responds to rumors that Harry Styles spat on Chris Pine

If you’re looking for confirmation that Harry Styles has hooked up his Don’t Worry Darling co-star, you’re out of luck.

The film’s director, Olivia Wilde, has shot down rumors that Styles spat on Chris Pine at the Venice Film Festival in early September, which has been the subject of much debate in recent weeks.

“He didn’t, but I think he’s a perfect example of people who will look for drama wherever they can. Harry didn’t actually spit on Chris,” Wilde said during a Sept. 21 appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

“Only time will tell,” Colbert said.

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“No, he really didn’t,” she replied.

“People can watch a video that shows evidence that they didn’t spit on somebody else and they’ll still see what they want to see and that creates drama and that’s a click,” Wilde continued.

A Pine representative previously denied that the spat took place.

“This is a ridiculous story,” the spokesperson said in a statement to TODAY. “A complete fabrication and the result of a strange online illusion that clearly misleads and allows for stupid speculation. To be clear, Harry Styles did NOT spit on Chris Pine… there is nothing but respect between these two men and any suggestion otherwise is a blatant attempt to create drama that simply does not exist.”

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The cast of “Don’t Worry Darling” has been the subject of much tabloid speculation.Joel C. Ryan / AP

Styles, meanwhile, enjoyed the whole affair when he performed in New York City after the incident went viral.

“This is our tenth show at Madison Square Garden,” he told the fans in attendance.

“I rushed to Venice to spit on Chris Pine,” he added with a laugh. “But don’t worry, we’re back!”

Don’t Worry Darling, which opens on September 23, has been dogged by a lot of behind-the-scenes drama, including rumors that Wilde is not getting along with another of the film’s stars, Florence Pugh. Asked by Colbert about the tensions between them, Wilde spoke enthusiastically about the actor.

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“I have nothing but respect for Florence’s talent. She’s fantastic,” Wilde said. “She’s on the set of her movie ‘Dune’ right now and there’s nothing hotter than a busy actress. I have nothing against her for whatever reason.”

The off-screen rumors have attracted a lot of attention and generated plenty of headlines, but Wilde says she can handle it with ease.

“I made a film during the pandemic. It’s like building a house in a hurricane so we can weather a little storm on Twitter,” she said.

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