Official and reliable online loan application
Official and reliable online loan application

Official and reliable online loan application

The official online loan application is now a place to escape to borrow some money for certain purposes. The loan application itself is a platform that allows users to apply for a loan of money to the company that owns the application.

The loan application can be made online without the need to meet face to face, the user only has to meet the terms and conditions provided by the company. Because of this convenience, many people choose to use online loans.

online loan application

The official and reliable online loan application for you

When you plan to take out an online loan, make sure that you use a loan application that is clearly formal and supervised by OJK. Do not allow yourself to use illegal applications, as this will cause you to lose money later.

Illegal loan applications, disbursement of funds will be really fast, but later the interest the debtor receives will be high and certainly burdensome for the debtor. Therefore, it is very important to use a loan application that is already legal to avoid this bad possibility. Well, here are some official and registered online loan applications by OJK, so they are definitely safe and reliable.

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1. Dana Bijak

This application is a loan application whose conditions are easy and the disbursement process is fast. The service is also available online through a mobile application, making it quick and easy to do.

With this application you can borrow funds of up to 3 million rupees with a repayment term of 30 days. You are also free to borrow any amount according to your needs.


This company has been operating since 2016 and has served many customers. JULO offers a variety of nominal loans, ranging from 2 to 8 million rupees. The repayment period is available for up to 6 months

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The interest rate on the loan that the borrower will receive is also quite low, around 0.1%. In addition, this app will also offer cashback to customers every time they pay installments. JULO often organizes raffles with various prizes for its users.

3. My money

Tunaiku is an online loan application that has been around since 2014 and still survives today. This proves that this app is still passionate and reliable. Borrowers can borrow funds of up to 20 million.

The interest that the borrower will receive also varies depending on the repayment duration. The repayment period is available from 5 to 20 months. All transactions made by users are also guaranteed to be secure because they have a clear system.

4. Rate

For those of you students who might be looking for an online loan application, then this Cicil app is right for you. Rates offer various student loan services that have met the requirements that the company has set. This service is in installments for tuition fees, which is to provide financing for tuition payments at low interest rates.

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Rates of goods for the purchase of students’ needs, Institutional rates for the business capital of educational institutions and institutions. Then Cicil learned how to get various types of training tickets and courses at low prices.

5. Son

This application has been established since 2017 and has received official permission from OJK since 2018. This online loan application offers nominal loan values ​​ranging from 500 thousand to 8 million rupees. The repayment term also varies from 1 to 6 months. You can also choose the loan amount and repayment term yourself.