Obesity can be treated with this medicine: AIIMS
Obesity can be treated with this medicine: AIIMS

Obesity can be treated with this medicine: AIIMS

Doctors say that the problem of obesity is common among people with diabetes. Because of this they have to face many problems. The details were revealed after three years of research supervised by Professor Dr. Sudhir Kumar Sarangi, Department of Pharmacy, AIIMS. The doctors involved in this research said that in this study, BGR-34 was used as allopathic medicine in patients with diabetes, and it was investigated that it can be effective if it is combined with allopathic medicine. The result is very satisfying. This medicine alone is very effective, it not only lowers blood sugar but also reduces obesity. Its market oversight was transferred to Emil Pharmaceuticals. A study was also published in the Polish scientific journal Sendo. This drug is said to lower glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c).

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Herbs like Daruharidra, Giloy, Vijaysar, Gudmar, Majit, Maithika are added. Research has shown that hormone profile, fat profile, triglycerides level are also balanced with BGR-34 medicine. Triglycerides are bad cholesterol. Excessive amounts of these are harmful to the body. But a significant decline was also observed. Researchers say that controlling the appearance of fat can reduce the risk of heart disease. It prevents heart attack. If the hormone profile of a diabetic patient begins to deteriorate, they experience problems such as poor appetite, insomnia, researchers have found that the hormone level is also balanced in patients using this drug. Controlling diabetes can also control obesity. The research done by AIIMS Department of Pharmacology on the drug BGR-34 will be published soon.

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