Noah Neiman Rumble Boxing Basics Gym Bags
Noah Neiman Rumble Boxing Basics Gym Bags

Noah Neiman Rumble Boxing Basics Gym Bags

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  • If the gym is part of your regular routine, you’re probably wondering what other people pack in their gym bags.
  • Noah Neiman is the founder of Rumble Boxing, a line of boxing-inspired gyms.
  • Neiman’s must-haves include an extension cord, Japanese boxing gloves, and Powerbeats Pro headphones.

When Noah Neiman isn’t teaching or training at Rumble Boxing — the line of fitness studios he founded that specializes in group boxing and strength training classes — he’s traveling and working to expand promotions across the United States.

That is to say he is a busy man who is mentally fit basically 24/7. But as demanding as a businessman’s schedule gets, he always finds a way to squeeze time into work.

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Over the past 20-plus years, Neiman says he’s learned to listen to his body when it comes to training. “I don’t schedule days off,” Neiman said, “but I will take them when I feel I need them.” He typically trains at Rumble four to five times a week, which serves as strength and conditioning, and hits heavy weights at least three times a week.

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Neiman’s advice for those just starting to build an exercise regime? “Where you are.”

He’s a big fan of focusing on what you can do, and that’s enough. We asked Neiman about the speed ropes he brings everywhere, his Japanese training gloves, and other gear you’ll find in his gym bag.

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