No acting job, Lan Siro Back in the village of rubber tappers
No acting job, Lan Siro Back in the village of rubber tappers

No acting job, Lan Siro Back in the village of rubber tappers

There is no doubt that many people were affected by the pandemic that hit two years ago, so many lost their jobs, including actors And Siro who earns his living by tapping rubber in the village.

citing Metro daily, Lan or real name Azlan Mokhtar said he also divorced his wife in November 2020 after eight years of marriage. He said he has a responsibility to his children and parents.

“I am alone now. It’s been almost two years since I separated from my wife. Two children with ex-wife. This is the PKP assumption. I was one of those who left during the PKP. Maybe the marriage won’t last long, right?

“However, I am thankful that even though there is no acting offer now, God has arranged it well. There are other opportunities that God opens up to find support. As long as I can, I do anything. It is enough to be able to provide for children and a little for the elderly,” he said.

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The 40-year-old actor expressed his gratitude for having his own tire and terrain. Lan also said that one day he can earn from 20 to 30 lei, but it depends on the weather.

“The story starts from the first MCO to the last. At that time there was no filming and I went back to the village to work in the garden and beat rubber. Rubber Alhamdulillah and own land but not that big in just two acres.

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“You can support life even in a day, it can be done for only 20 lei. The price of rubber is also uncertain. For example, waste rubber today is 3 lei per kilogram, every two or three days it goes down and sometimes up. If it doesn’t rain, you can get 30 lei,” he said.

Meanwhile, Lan admits that he can no longer rely solely on his acting career. He said that the last time he got an acting offer was last Ramadan. Meanwhile, Lan said he also did small businesses to supplement his income.

“The last acting offer I got was at the beginning of Ramadan during the day. That was the last time I was involved in filming, after that there was no “job”. I still live in Kuala Lumpur but commute back and forth to the village. If I have nothing to do in the city, I go back to the village to beat tires.

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“Right now I have a small business. Sells “package” like shoes and bags. I don’t really blame the entertainment industry for not knowing about it. So I don’t blame any party. Maybe not my food. In addition, now there are people who want to try raising goats with friends in the village. Thank you, even if it is not luxury, it is maintenance,” he said.