” My guess was wrong haha, congratulations Mona and Pekin.. ” – Netizen
” My guess was wrong haha, congratulations Mona and Pekin.. ” – Netizen

” My guess was wrong haha, congratulations Mona and Pekin.. ” – Netizen

Mona Allen & Pekin Ibrahim Baby Gender Reveal Photos & Videos Wow, many assumptions are wrong, congratulations Mona and Pekin!!

Last May, actress Mona Allen confirmed that she had two bodies. Pregnant with her first child as a result of her marriage to Pekin Ibrahim, Mona is seen to have changed her image with a hijab image.

At the time, Mona’s pregnancy was about to enter 6 months and now the couple is counting the days until their babies are born. Check out Mona Allen’s Instagram account shared 2 Posting which displays the atmosphere surrounding the ceremony revealing the baby’s sex their.

Mona and Pekin wear matching pink shirts. The blue and pink balloon decorations are also supplied along with a large black balloon filled with small balloons that indicate the baby’s gender.

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With a sentence written on a balloon “we have a…”, Mona and Pekin burst the balloon and little blue balloons came out. This means the baby boy that Mona and Pekin will have later. Wow lots of boy bands this year it seems.

Let’s watch the video below:

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This sharing by Mona has already received attention from fans. Congratulations were also offered among the fan comments:

” Alhamdulillah, I can’t wait. May Allah make everything easy for you and the little boy. Hopefully always in God’s protection…”

“Congratulations mona and brother Pekin, you guessed wrong haha. Whatever it is, hopefully everything will be easier to give birth later..”

” Tekaanku meleset haha ​​little boy rupanya. Alhamdulillah.. Congratulations to both of you.. May ALLAH make every thing easy for you and baby till the day of birth Kak Mona.. “

“There are really a lot of guys this year, and so is Uyaina. Alhamdulillah congratulations Mona and Pekin..”

“You should be beaming Mona, looks like you want to have a baby boy. Pekin junior, congratulations. I hope everything goes well…”

“Hehe, I already know, next to the YouTube video is a boy shirt hehe. Congratulations Mona and Pekin, yes you can see Pekin junior later..”

” Wow congratulations mona and pekin. I reminded the girl earlier because she was wearing pink, remembering the hint seems to be a reverse hint haha.. “

Alhamdulillah little boy for Mona and Pekin. It’s only a matter of time before fans get to see Pekin Junior. We hope all of Mona’s birthing chores will be streamlined and run smoothly.

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