Movie Analysis: Catherine Called The Birds
Movie Analysis: Catherine Called The Birds

Movie Analysis: Catherine Called The Birds


Posted: September 23, 2022 / 05:55 am

Bella Ramsey in CATHERINE is called BIRD |  ©Amazon/Alex Bailey Photo: ALEX BAILEY © AMAZON CONTENT SERVICES LLC

Bella Ramsey in CATHERINE is called BIRD | ©Amazon/Alex Bailey Photo: ALEX BAILEY © AMAZON CONTENT SERVICES LLC

Rating: PG-13
Stars: Bella Ramsey, Andrew Scott, Dean-Charles Chapman, Joe Alsworth, Isis Hainsworth, Billie Piper, Sophie Okenedo, Paul Kaye, Michael Woolfitt, Moya Brady, Archie Renaux
Author: Lena Dunham, based on the play by Karen Cushman
Director: Lena Dunham
Distributor: Amazon Studios
Release date: September 23, 2022 (theatrical); October 7, 2022 (First Video)

Catherine known as Bird is a delightful non-romcom set in 1290 England. Director Lena Dunham, who also wrote the play, has adapted Karen Cushman’s YA Award-winning novel into an agreeable if uneven coming-of-age story for the entire family. Catherine, known as Birdy (Bella Ramsey), is the fourteen-year-old daughter of Lord Rollo (Andrew Scott) and Lady Aislinn (Billie Piper). Lord Rollo owns a small village in Lincolnshire, where the inhabitants seem contented. Catherine and her older brother Robert (Dean-Charles Chapman) find each other’s mutual hatred. The other brother Thomas (Archie Renaux) is a beloved monk, who suggests that Catherine has a diary.

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Catherine known as Bird So it was narrated by Birdy in the form of her diary. Since Lord Rollo is broke, he aims to make a profitable marriage for Birdy. Birdy doesn’t want anything from marriage, especially the evil ones who want to show up in search of her hand. Since Birdy is a first-rate miscreant – we meet her in a mud-filled village mansion – she initially has no problem avoiding suitors. Then comes Shaggy Beard (Paul Kaye), a much older, much richer lord. Shaggy Beard is not excluded from what he recognizes as Birdy’s role. So, what will happen here? Cushman’s story solves the problem with a logical machine but more suitable for Deus ex machina. Dunham chose a different approach. This raises many new questions. It is unclear at the end whether the film is meant to ask, much less answer, these. Ramsey, however, cannot be denied.

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It is memorable as the young Lady Lyanna Mormont who entered it SPORTS GAMES, Ramsey as Birdy is always funny, strong, true, and human. I believe her every moment. Piper radiates warmth as Lady Aislinn, Kaye (also a SPORTS GAMES (veteran) feels the wit of Shaggy Beard and the sound of the period, Sophie Okenedo is influenced by a noble widow. Scott set things an impossible task. Lord Rollo begins with a character that could be from Monty Python, but the later parts become real. Scott excels in both roles, but the writing and direction don’t bridge the gap between the two, so the change is fascinating.

Various contributions that cannot be commented on are welcome. Perhaps in 1290 England was not the same as it is now Catherine known as Birdbut if the story is about ethnicity, which is certainly not here, there is no reason it is not to be done.

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Catherine known as Bird it is enjoyable in the style of British family films (although Dunham is American). She doesn’t quite have it all, but between Ramsey, her energy and her good heart in general, she’s worth watching.

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