Moral Discourses – Definition, Characteristics, Purposes, Texts, Examples
Moral Discourses – Definition, Characteristics, Purposes, Texts, Examples

Moral Discourses – Definition, Characteristics, Purposes, Texts, Examples


Papers articles on Moral Discourses – includes understanding, features, goals, benefits, text, methods, examples and images so that they are easy to understand.

What is a moral speech This is an act that aims to reflect and provide an example of noble character for everyone so that they can carry out this practice in society and in others.

For more details, see the explanation below:

Definition of Moral Speech

Moral discourse it is a position that exists in Islam, so it is very important and even obligatory for every Muslim to always try as much as possible to have a noble character.

Morality gives understanding by giving religious values ​​to anyone building this country so that it can be done to anyone such as parents, Allah, Prophet Muhammad and Muslims.

One of the best ways to provide an understanding of religious values ​​is to convey commendable morals for a Muslim.

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Characteristic features of Discourses on morality

Sometimes one may be able to do noble morals, so a discourse on morality also has its characteristics, including the following.

Advice to each other – this is the first role and he must have morals in giving advice to the surrounding community so that in the speech he is also exemplified about what his friends are talking about.

Honest and responsible – Honesty and seriousness are behaviors that should be exemplified when giving a speech to avoid humiliation or lies that elevate a person’s status and act honestly.

gentle – This is a role that was recommended by the Prophet Muhammad SWT. who is good at making noble speeches or actions.

Urgently perform the obligatory prayer – this is one of the commendable morals in giving a speech because a Muslim who is going to give a speech is bound to pray on time.

easy to forgive – Easy to forgive is a commendable adab of a Muslim in giving a speech and attaining peace of mind in delivering his speech.

He doesn’t like criticism – You do not like to criticize is one of the actions that appear in a speech because at the time of the speech there should not be a character to criticize some people.

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Sample speech about morals

From some of the explanations and brief features above, there are also moral examples among them.


Discourse on morality
Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Good morning and greetings
Dear Sir / Madam
And that I love all my friends
And I’m proud of the guests who attended.

Praise and gratitude we pray for the presence of Allah SWT who has bestowed His grace and guidance that we can gather in this room. Shalawat and salutations may always be showered on Prophet Muhammad SAW all his family and friends who we look forward to in the final yaumil.

Allow me this glorious opportunity to impart and share knowledge with all of us, namely about morality.

ladies and gentlemen

Alhamdulillah, on this occasion we were all given the strength to be present together at our event and I can give a short speech about morality, that is what a Muslim or a society in general must have in this life of arrows.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Morality itself is a good behavior to be done by someone which has become a habit or habit in daily life. Because to see the best application, you need to learn a lot about the history of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

Because he is the best model for Muslims, to the point of saying the character of the Prophet peace be upon him they are morals to be followed and implemented for every believing Muslim.

Dear father and mother, because all the content of the Qur’an is very clear and should be applied to our daily life, listening to the teachings of the Prophet salallahu alaihi wasallam….

Respected Ladies and Gentlemen, Even in the moral teachings of Prophet Muhammad we must always fulfill all that is in the Qur’an, because in fact the behavior of Prophet Muhammad should be our model and what we must achieve in this regard. life.

Thus, this short speech and what I can convey if something is wrong, it comes from me and if it is right, then it comes from Allah SWT.

I ask God for forgiveness
And to those who were present, I apologize as much as possible.

Wabillah taufik wal guide…
Peace be upon you Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

That’s all we can say about the explanation of morality speeches and examples, we hope that with this article it can be useful and beneficial for all of us. Thanks

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