Mas Idayu’s heart is moved in anticipation of the day of acceptance;  “Even the shower ceremony makes me feel shaky…”
Mas Idayu’s heart is moved in anticipation of the day of acceptance; “Even the shower ceremony makes me feel shaky…”

Mas Idayu’s heart is moved in anticipation of the day of acceptance; “Even the shower ceremony makes me feel shaky…”

Less than two weeks before the wedding ceremony, dangdut singer, Mas Idayu admits that his feelings are getting stronger ahead of his happy day.

Mas Idayu will join TV3 executive producer Muhammad Sufian Che Isa, 51, on September 16.

Excited to step into a new phase after being a single mother for more than 17 years, Mas Idayu or real name Mas Idayu Mesnun, 50, said he did not expect his second marriage to attract the attention of many sponsors.

As of today, according to Mas Idayu, several sponsorships have had to be rejected in good faith given that all requirements have been met.

“I am grateful because I did not expect to get such a big sponsorship for my second marriage. From 7 million lei, now the total sponsorship has reached almost 8 million lei.

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“Even to this day, parties are still approaching to sponsor some of the wedding needs, but I had to politely decline because all the preparations, Alhamdulillah, have been made.

“Talking about feelings, I really feel like I would wait for the wedding ceremony until later. It’s like the heart feels restless, as people said, don’t eat enough, don’t take a wet bath, don’t sleep well.

“Just like the shower ceremony today, I’m already feeling palpitations, what about the wedding ceremony later,” he told MH.

Mas Idayu was found at the bathing ceremony at Telaga Bunga Spa, Hotel Royal Chulan, Kuala Lumpur on Sunday. The ceremony is also one of the sponsorships Cintaku 100% singer received before the happy day.

The shower ceremony was also attended by Mas Idayu’s only child, 24-year-old Nur Dayini Asyiqah, who also prayed that her mother’s happiness would last this time until the end of her life.

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“Honestly, I have never seen mummy (Mas Idayu) as happy as she is now and I am happy for her.

“Mami once said that apart from the excitement, she was also feeling nervous because there were only a few days left and she hoped that the ceremony would go smoothly and there would be no problems.

“I used to have a hard time accepting new people in the family, but when she was with daddy (Sufian), my heart opened for the first time to see my mother marry again.

“Because I grew up and I really want my mom to be happy forever. Let’s hope the bond they have built will last for the rest of their lives,” said Dayini.

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The couple’s wedding ceremony and reception will be held on September 16 at Magica Quill City Mall, Kuala Lumpur.

Even more exciting, the fairy tale and fantasy themed reception will create a Malaysia Book of Records (MBOR) record, which will only be revealed on the day.

Just for information, Mas Idayu was married to actress Aman Graseka in 1997 but divorced in 2006.

As a result of the marriage, they were blessed with a daughter, Nur Dayini Asyiqah, 24 years old.

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