Martial Dragon Emperor Story Full Chapter
Martial Dragon Emperor Story Full Chapter

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Full Chapter Summary of Martial Dragon Emperor

Martial Dragon Emperor Storyline Full Chapter

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Ever since he accepted his fiance’s betrayal, a great change had happened to Long Chen. On a whim, a girl who was also his childhood friend stabbed him in the back with a sword, which left serious wounds in several meridians, including the heart.

After that, there was no peace for Long Chen. The face of genius that had been stuck in him all this time disappeared, died without a trace, and became useless trash in the eyes of his family.

He is lazy and mean in his family every day, so he is hated the most by those around him.

Yes, in everyone’s eyes now, Long Chen was just trash! With no one to hide anything from the incident.” Genius? What is genius? I left that genius under my feet! I am a dragon, dragon emperor! my way

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My fate is mine alone!” This was the story of Long Chen’s journey to reach the pinnacle of martial arts. Fight demons, lead all creatures on new paths in martial arts. And a way for Long Chen to find out his identity and that of his parents.

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