Many people are asking where ZaIina’s husband actually is, apparently ZaIina’s bungalow has been robbed twice.  This is a shocking revelation – Media Comedy
Many people are asking where ZaIina’s husband actually is, apparently ZaIina’s bungalow has been robbed twice. This is a shocking revelation – Media Comedy

Many people are asking where ZaIina’s husband actually is, apparently ZaIina’s bungalow has been robbed twice. This is a shocking revelation – Media Comedy

“There is no update on her husband.. have you searched for information on her husband yet? Where is Zal’s husband?”

— Do you want to know what ZaIina Azman’s husband told the police?

These are some of the questions asked by netizens who follow ZaIina Azman’s wife, who has become a hot topic of conversation.

Moreover, apart from ZaIina’s husband, there are also those who want to know the evolution of the case through information provided by family members.

FYI, it is understood that the last time the son of the former TV3 personality came into contact with his mother was last July.

The personality’s only child, Mikhael Norman, however, tried to contact his mother again last November to inform her about his grandfather who was hospitalized, but ZaIina was unable to contact him.

Separated from her first husband, the relationship with her second husband did not last either

A source told UtusanMalaysia that the personality’s son’s relationship with his mother is not too close, given that he was looked after by his grandmother since the age of two.

“ZaIina is believed to have separated from her first husband before remarrying after that, but the relationship didn’t last long either,” the source said.

Ex-husband named Datuk Anuar Adam

Through search, several portals stated that ZaIina’s ex-husband was called Datuk Anuar Adam. But it is not specified whether he is the first or second ex-husband.

Meanwhile, the question about the whereabouts of ZaIina’s husband was also answered by her good friend, Senator Senator Datuk Ras Adiba Radzi, 54.

Many may not have noticed, but Ras Adiba had previously informed ZaIina that she had indeed separated from her husband.

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Ras Adiba learned of this when he was informed by ZaIina himself during their last meeting before ZaIina’s disappearance.

At the same meeting, Ras Adiba said that he felt ZaIina’s last hug as if it gave a shadow of the sadness he was going through.

” That time, I could feel his sadness when we hugged. It’s just that, knowing Zally (ZaIina), she’s quite private, so we have limits.

ZaIina herself told Ras Adiba that she had separated from her husband

” Zally announced that she had separated from her ex-husband.

” In fact, he also said that he wanted to move to Shah Alam, Selangor, where he lived before he went missing.

” In fact, he invited me to his house. I noticed that his weight has dropped a lot just like the picture I shared on Instagram (IG).

“After that, we only kept in touch via mobile phone, we never met again,” he said when contacted by BH Online.

” However, I think the issue of changing body shape is very subjective.

“At a certain age, some of us will become too thin or chubby.

” I just don’t want to ask further why I lost weight on the date. I respect Zally’s privacy.

” To me, we are all imperfect in this life. Each of us must have our own story.

” Maybe he harbors a lot of feelings or something.

” But as friends, we will always support each other. We will be there when needed,” he said.

Meanwhile, Utusan Malaysia has been trying to find and contact his son but has so far been unsuccessful.

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“In fact, Zalina Azman was married to a person from Great Britain?”

Meanwhile, the journalist revealed that Zalina Azman was once married to a person from the UK.

UtusanMalaysia previously reported that the former TV3 personality who was reported missing is believed to still be in the country.

A check with the Immigration Department followed and found that there had been no movement abroad by ZaIina.

Last Monday, the news of the personality’s disappearance was shared by the Shah Alam District Police Headquarters (IPD) in a statement.

Zalina’s bungalow was searched twice

Zalina Azman’s bungalow in Ward 3 here has been raided twice by police to find clues about the former TV3 personality’s disappearance. Shah Alam District Police Chief Deputy Commissioner Mohd. Iqbal Ibrahim said the first time she was searched was in November last year, followed by the second time about two weeks ago. According to him, he also involved the forensics team from the Police Headquarters

A BUNGALOW believed to belong to Zalina Azman in Shah Alam, Selangor.

According to some sources, on November 29, the applicant and his uncle went to the home of the former TV3 newspaper and found the woman’s car on the side of the house.

The complainant found that the situation in the house was not right, he also found a money bag belonging to his mother that contained an identity card, driver’s license, bank card, credit card, car keys and 600 RON in cash.

“The furniture is still in disarray” – Situation clearly recorded in ZaIina’s house when the cameras are pointed

Meanwhile, based on the video recording, it was also found that there was a slight crack in the window of ZaIina’s house.

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It is not certain whether it was cracked before ZaIina lived in it or because of the contractor’s renovation work.

See also video recording

More recently, the police are looking for contractors

Meanwhile, most recently, the contractor who carried out the renovation of former TV3 personality ZaIina Azman’s house was difficult to track down by the police because the work had been done for a long time.

Selangor deputy police chief Datuk S. Sasikala Devi said police have so far been unable to identify the workers involved, whether they are locals or foreigners.

” When the time for the house to be renovated is quite long and not in the near future. The problem makes it difficult for us, unless the employee comes forward to provide information.

“We are not sure whether they (employees) are local or foreign,” he told a press conference today.

Utusan Malaysia previously reported that police are now chasing workers who did renovation work at ZaIina’s house in Section 3 here.

Sasikala also insisted that the police are still investigating and the Missing Persons (OH) Police Investigation Document (KEP) will be continued by the police.

“We will proceed if there are any leads and conduct an investigation based on those leads,” he said.

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