Lost: All badge locations
Lost: All badge locations

Lost: All badge locations

Stray: All badge locations on Stray

Lost: All location badges. One of the collectibles on Stray is a series of badges attached to cat harnesses, perhaps one of the funnest reasons to fully explore the game. As part of our walkthrough, we’ll reveal how and where to unlock all the badges. Finding all badges will earn you Tropy badges.

Wander: All badge locations you can find

Below is a list of all the badges in Stray and where to find them in each chapter. There are a total of 6 badges. If a chapter/chapter is not listed, it does not contain any badges.


In this chapter there is 1 badge you can find. It can be obtained in part one or part two.

Music badge

This badge can be obtained by finding all the pieces of music and giving them to Morusque. Click on the link for help finding sheet music.

The neighborhood part 2

In this 2nd chapter you will find 1 unique badge.

Outdoor badge

These badges are awarded as part of the story.

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There are 1 badges in this chapter.

Plant badge

To get the Plant Badge, you need to help a robot named Malo, who is right after you meet Zbaltazar. They are looking for three colorful flowers for their garden. After you’ve collected them all, return to Malo and show them the plants to earn the Crop Badge. Here’s where you can find all three plants:

Red plant: Find a bot playing Mahjong. Just behind them is a cup elevator that takes you to ground level. Go outside and you will see a tree growing red flowers. Jump over the pipes and barrels to the tree and collect the Red Plant.

Purple plant: Right after the robot playing Mahjong is a tree you can jump over. This tree has purple flowers. Walk along the tree branches until you reach the Purple Plant.

Yellow plant: After meeting Zbaltazar, instead of heading up, jump to the next ledge and continue to find the small bar. At the end of this small section there is a gap where you can climb the pipe. The yellow plant can be found here.

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There are 3 badges in this chapter

Cat badge

From the beginning of the shopping street, go to the shop on the right, where you can find a robot in a white coat talking to the shopkeeper. You can jump on the ledge and enter the shop. On the back are some writings that you can translate. This gives you a secure code.

Jump on the shelf to reach the safe. enter code 8542 and in it is a cat badge.

Police badge

Police badge well hidden by platform sequences. Start in the alley outside the clothing store. You can jump onto the workbench, then onto the vent and onto the metal tent. Skip to the next one. From there, jump onto the wooden ledge and onto the A/C unit. There’s only one way up, so keep jumping through all the holes and units until you reach the next metal tent. There is a small barred window – jump into it. Inside is a robot body. Check the badge on the body to collect it.

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Neco badge

The Neco Badge can be found in the Neco Factory section of this chapter.

Once inside, in the middle of the main road you will meet a worker who has lost his key. To get it, continue along the main path of the factory, stay away from the Sentinel drones. After the part where you use shadows to sneak past two drones, there are more barrels floating in the water. Jump to the right to find the key.

Return to the worker by opening the door in the next room using the switch on the left. After you hand in the key, you will receive the Neco Badge.

And there you will find Musical scores.

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