Liturgies are held less often in Italian churches due to high energy prices
Liturgies are held less often in Italian churches due to high energy prices

Liturgies are held less often in Italian churches due to high energy prices

According to local newspapers, the parish priest of the nearby church in Oristano in Sardinia does not turn on the facade and bell tower lighting after dark. Churches in Pordenone, northeastern Italy, are asking worshipers for financial help to pay their bills online.

In more and more churches, they are trying to save costs by reducing the number of services presented daily, so that less electricity will have to be used for the interior lighting of the church, and the churches will also need to be heated less. Where autumn weather has already arrived, priests have asked worshipers to dress better, as churches should start warming up later.

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According to a report on Thursday by public radio and television, the Diocese of Lombardy in the northwest is already struggling to cover expenses in hundreds of church health and education institutions, as well as nursing homes. In the Ambrosiana Library in Milan, also owned by the church, where it provides an extraordinary microclimate for valuable volumes, the previous annual bill of 12,000 euros (4.8 million forints) has already exceeded 60,000 euros this year.

Next week’s meeting of the Italian Episcopal Conference (ECI) will decide on the necessary steps to deal with the increase in utilities.

According to the CGIL trade union report, in one of the largest residential buildings in the center of Rome, which houses almost a thousand families, the decision on the possible reduction of the daily heating time is left to the residents. According to calculations, the heating tax per apartment will be 1,300 euros instead of 600 euros last year. To avoid rising costs, instead of the usual eight to ten hours a day, residents must agree to reduce the heating to five and a half hours a day. The union believes hundreds of thousands of families could sink into poverty in Rome alone due to utility costs.

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According to a survey by the Coldiretti manufacturers’ association, the price of bread reached its peak in the city of Bologna: it reached five euros per kilogram. The city’s bakery called Atti sells “anti-crisis” bread at the price of 3.43 euros per kilogram, but at the same time the price of other bakery products has also increased. The CNA, which brings together small industrialists, announced that two hundred bakeries in Bologna, which has a population of almost 400,000, could go bankrupt due to unaffordable energy prices and raw material costs, while they will also lose customers who gave up more. expensive products.

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The Menabrea brewery’s Piedmont plant has announced a production shutdown due to a lack of carbon dioxide. In the past, mineral water factories were closed for the same reason.


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