Leaked Mobile Legends Season 25 Skin Prize (ML)
Leaked Mobile Legends Season 25 Skin Prize (ML)

Leaked Mobile Legends Season 25 Skin Prize (ML)

Gemskul.com – Finally it has reached the end of season 25 in Mobile Legends, now you just have to wait for the seasonal skin reward soon. This is the leak.

Mobile Legends applies a season system where four seasons will be passed every year, usually a season will run for 3 months and of course each season is finished you will get a prize.

Like in season 24 yesterday, Moonton gave the Grock Ancient Totem hero skin as a gift, now of course in season 25, you will also get a new reward.

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Now, here is a leak regarding the Mobile Legends Season 25 skin reward. You can see the review below.

Leaked Mobile Legends Season 25 Skin Prize (ML)

The skin award for season 25 will be given to the hero Uranus, where the skin itself is called an earth relic. This skin can be obtained on September 24, 2022.

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Now, for those of you who want to get the Uranus skin higher, make sure your rank is at least master and higher, so when the season changes, you can claim it in the in-game mailbox.

At first glance about this new skin, Uranus himself has a look that is almost the same as the Grock skin from season 24, both of which have a theme of relics or ancient artifacts.

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In the gameplay video above, you can see how the newest Uranus skin plays, the skill effects are quite good and the appearance is scary, so this skin can be juxtaposed with the special skin.

Above is information about the Mobile Legends Season 25 skin award. You must get this skin on September 24, 2022.