Latest Pliko Grande Stroller Prices – 2022 Price and Tariff List
Latest Pliko Grande Stroller Prices – 2022 Price and Tariff List

Latest Pliko Grande Stroller Prices – 2022 Price and Tariff List

For mothers who have babies who cannot walk, you need to be familiar with strollers. This is a stroller that can be used to place the baby and make it easier for mothers to carry out their daily activities. In the market itself, there are many brands of strollers, one of which is Pliko Grande, which is currently sold with prices starting from hundreds of thousands of rupees.

Pliko Grande stroller (source:
Pliko Grande stroller (source:

Reported by, the stroller is said to be one of the baby equipment that parents now really need. In addition to making it easier to carry your baby while traveling, it also makes you less tired. Meanwhile, although often said to be modern equipment, this instrument was already in widespread use in the 1920s, with major innovations in the 1960s.

Although both are baby carriages, there are some differences between a pram and a pram. Strollers are usually equipped with a hood that protects the child from heat, rain and wind. Additionally, baby strollers are also generally designed with the baby positioned away from the pusher.

The stroller is primarily intended for babies who are very small and cannot stand up on their own, having a basket-like shape that does not allow the baby to stand up straight. Meanwhile, the stroller is intended more for small children who can sit alone, but does not offer a large enough space to stretch the baby’s body.

Types of strollers

  • Standard stroller, has a conventional model equipped with compartments. It has large dimensions and has storage space. If you want to go to the mall, this is the right choice for the stroller, because the compartment at the bottom can be multi-functional, to store baby equipment and also your food.
  • Umbrella Stroller, is a type that is claimed to have the least weight compared to other variants. In general, this stroller does not have additional accessories, such as shelves or storage baskets. One of the advantages of this stroller is its small size, which makes it easy to store and remove. In addition, the price is even cheaper.
  • Travel stroller, is a variant that can be changed into a car seat setting in just a few simple steps. This stroller can be installed in the car as a seat for the baby to sit during the journey and can also be removed to take it when you want to take the baby out for a walk after. You can also attach this baby seat to the frame to function as a stroller in general.
  • Double stroller, is a model specially designed to accommodate two babies at once, having a larger size and a greater weight. At least there are two types namely the tandem model with front-to-back seats and the side-by-side model where the seats are both facing forward.
  • Activity stroller, suitable for parents who want to exercise and want to take their babies with them. This stroller wheel is purposely made with a larger size and easy to maneuver, so it is suitable for all terrains.
  • The modular stroller is a multi-component type that usually has seats that can be changed, facing the front or the back. In general, this type of stroller is chosen if you want to take your baby around the complex for a while.

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Baby in pram/stroller
Baby in pram/stroller

Product specifications Pliko Grande Stroller

It is not difficult to find a stroller because there are many baby stores that sell this tool. However, if you need a multifunctional stroller, maybe the Pliko Grande 268 version can be a good choice. Suitable for newborns up to 36 months or toddlers, this tool is said to function as a stroller, baby walker, swing.

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The back of this stroller can be adjusted for sleeping, back and sitting positions. Parents can also put a bottle of milk in the container next to the stroller. Not only that, this stroller is also supported by mosquito nets so that babies are protected from mosquitoes. The trolley handle can also be moved back and forth.

With an aluminum frame, the Pliko Grande 268 stroller has a five-point attachment for the seat belt, but it is claimed that the baby can move freely. The default basket available is quite large, but still practical. In addition, babies are guaranteed not to get bored because the stroller is equipped with baby toys that can also train the baby’s excitability. This tool itself is at least present in several color variants, namely blue, red, orange and green.

Harga Pliko Grande stroller

Varian Balko Grande stroller Price (Rp)
Pliko Grande 268 Sky Blue 690,000
Bald Grande 268 Ed 690,000
Great Pliko 268 Navy blue 690,000
Bald Grande 268 Tosca Blue 690,000
Pliko Grande 268 Royal Blue 690,000

It is not difficult to get a Pliko Grande 268 stroller because this tool is already sold in many baby stores and online buying and selling sites. In the domestic market, in 2019, the Pliko Grande 268 stroller is sold at a price of IDR 660 thousand to IDR 712 thousand.

The price will increase in 2020 which is from IDR 700k to IDR 900k. Then in 2021, Pliko Grande 268 stroller price dropped to IDR 650k to IDR 680k per unit but increased to IDR 690k in 2022.

Pliko Baby Stroller - (YouTube: Gudangstroller Pekanbaru)
Pliko Baby Stroller – (YouTube: Gudangstroller Pekanbaru)

Tips for buying a stroller

  • Some baby strollers have brakes that lock two wheels at once, not just one wheel as usual. Choose the stroller brake that you think is easiest to use. Then also make sure that the brakes cannot be reached by the child’s hands.
  • Strollers generally have a choice of three- or five-lock seat belts. Five-lock seat belts are considered safer because these belts will help protect the waist, shoulders and between the legs. This is especially important for younger children.
  • Baby carriages generally have a weight limit. If the child’s weight exceeds this limit, it is feared that the stroller will become unstable. So, before you buy, ask the seller what the maximum weight the stroller can support.
  • Adjust the handle of the stroller to the height of you or another adult who will be pushing it. The handle of the stroller should be around the waist or slightly lower.
  • If the stroller is used for babies under 6 months of age, make sure the seat can be adjusted to a near-reclined position. This is due to the fact that children of that age are still not able to support their head and sit perfectly.
  • Avoid choosing a stroller that is facilitated by a saddle that separates the right leg from the left. It is a good idea to find a place where the legs are not separated to avoid the baby’s legs getting caught together.

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Another thing to consider before deciding to buy a baby stroller is to check the balance of the baby stroller. Make sure that the stroller you are going to buy is balanced and sturdy. Don’t let yourself buy a baby stroller that easily tips over, which will hurt your baby.

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