Latest 12 Naruto Andorid Games Online or Offline Light Version
Latest 12 Naruto Andorid Games Online or Offline Light Version

Latest 12 Naruto Andorid Games Online or Offline Light Version

12 Naruto game – Naruto is one of the most popular and popular legendary anime series, just like One Piece and Dragon Ball.

Therefore, liking the Dragon Ball anime series is the same as liking everything related to it. I love the comic and I also love the game.

The following are recommendations for Naruto games that can entertain you as follows:

Naruto 2022 Latest Games List

Naruto game

1).Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage

Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage Naruto Game

If you are a Naruto game lover, don’t miss this one game. Namely Naruto X Boruto, one of the best Naruto games that has high enough graphics.

This game will take you into a battle between shinobi which is definitely very interesting and more challenging. There are many characters adapted from the Naruto anime.

Not only that, this game also offers a battle ranking system where each player will be ranked based on the number of scores from the bet made.

2). League Of Ninja: Moba Battle

League Of Ninja: Moba Battle Naruto Game

Moba game but the game characters follow the animation from Naruto. Because the battle type of this game is also different from other moba games where players will fight with ninja moves that look like in the movie.

Meanwhile, in this game, players will be required to collect coins from every bet made and later the collected coins can be used to unlock items.

3). Ninja Rebirth – Legend of the Monster

Ninja Rebirth – The most legendary Naruto game

This Naruto genre game will provide many characters that match the Naruto anime. In this game you can play alone (single player) or you want to create a guild with Ninja Rebirth-Moster Legend players.

Interesting again in this game there are always interesting challenges that will surely make you feel at home completing the challenges of this one naruto game.

4). Ninja Arena

Naruto Ninja Arena game

This simple game turns out to be quite addictive and fun to play. Maybe because there are about 41 characters for players to choose from. In addition, Ninja Arena also features 20 stages for ninja battles.

5). Stickman Ninja


This game offers interesting and very challenging gameplay for every player. In addition, this game also offers good enough graphics to be more comfortable when played.

In addition, this game with a Naruto theme. No wonder this game is loved by many people.

6). Naruto Storm Ninja Heroes


Shinobi battle theme is presented for this game. This game also offers several weapons such as kunai and shuriken. With these weapons you can win the game and move on to the next round.

7).Shinobi heroes


This Naruto game takes the concept of an RPG game and brings you into a very interesting challenge. It has many missions that are ready to be completed by the players of Shinobi Heroes game which are quite difficult and challenging missions.

8). Ultimate Ninja Blazing


Fighting using Naruto anime characters is the main feature offered by Ninja Ultimate Blazing.

In addition, Shinobi battle formation is also applied in this Ultimate Ninja Blazing game. Meanwhile, this game has also prepared more than 100 characters with very challenging attack tactics.

9). Shinobi Legend – Ninja Battle


In this game, you will be given a fight between shinobi based on the basic moves of each shinobi.

Not only that, this game also has many interesting features that will give you comfort in playing this game.

10). Battle of Ninja World: Super Kombat


This Naruto anime game is a much loved adventure game. In addition, this game will also be very interesting, which has powerful specifications.

Meanwhile, in this game, you will also fight against the enemies that come in the middle of the journey when we venture.

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This game will provide interesting fighting features where you will be given a variety of things

characters that match the Naruto anime. This game will also provide high enough graphics so that it will be more comfortable when played.

12). Konoha Ninja Quiz


Don’t admit you’re a Naruto anime lover if you haven’t tried this game. this game is a naruto Quiz game that displays a picture where you have to guess, complete your mission to guess the picture, then you are a naruto anime lover.

These are the recommendations about playing Naruto, good luck and we hope you have fun. See you soon.. Greetings,, See you..