Lady explains when she married a not-rich husband “If someone says I got married for money, it’s wrong”
Lady explains when she married a not-rich husband “If someone says I got married for money, it’s wrong”

Lady explains when she married a not-rich husband “If someone says I got married for money, it’s wrong”

Source / Photo source: Instagram Madammu

The lady explained that when you get married, your husband is not rich and is just an ordinary man. This is the expression of Noir’s founder, Eriyca Baiduri.

Earlier, Eriyca received a comment from a netizen who wrote;

“Try the man (husband) to use the stupid Wira car, the wife (wife) has run away for a long time.”

That netizen’s comment directed at Eriyca on the TikTok app went viral. Eriyca responded to the user’s question by sending a video uploaded to TikTok showing herself with her husband in a car.

The submitted video has reached over 1.1 million views, received over 51,000 likes, over 1200 comments and over 600 reshares.

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Your lady explains when your husband is not rich

Eriyca admits that not everyone knows her, although she is a popular entrepreneur. He even admitted that not all women marry for money.

“Actually, I’m not angry and angry. I understand, not everyone knows us, not everyone knows our story, and not everyone knows our story.

“Only, what can I say, my husband and I got married out of nothing and started from a simple place.

“I married my husband not just for money. Not all women marry for money. I married my husband because he is good.

“He will make me happy and take care of me. So that’s what I really want in a household.

“When I married him, although he was ordinary at the time, but I believed in his discretion, in his very protective character, I knew that he could take care of me,” said the founder of the brand Noir Health & Beauty (Noir) .

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Feeding can be found together

Explaining her and her husband’s life at the beginning of their marriage was not easy, like other couples and she initially lived in a rented house until she was able to buy her own house in addition to being able to- and build a business empire.

“I know that food can be found later and it can be found together. Alhamdulillah, today we common people can achieve what we want.

“Therefore in this household the intention must be right. So I agree with that netizen.

“Life in the past was not as luxurious as it is today. From us, who live in a rented house, we bought a house. Slowly the business grows and progresses.

“So if anyone says I got married for money, it is wrong. I get it, these netizens like to make assumptions and like to say what they think.

“If you want to know, the Noir brand is mine. So does my husband who has his own business but helps me more at Noir,” she continued.

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Women’s Weekly: I agree that not all women marry for wealth.

source / Source Photo: Instagram Madammu