Know 6 recommendations for free medical consultation apps
Know 6 recommendations for free medical consultation apps

Know 6 recommendations for free medical consultation apps

6 recommended free medical consultation apps

Free medical consultation apps continue to emerge as technology advances. In the past, if you wanted to see a doctor, you had to go to a health service or hospital. But now patients can consult for free via smartphone. Here are some free consulting apps:

6 recommended free medical consultation apps

1. Click Doctor

The first free medical consultation app is Klikdokter. Users can consult online for 24 hours.

Not only can they consult but users can also read articles about health in this app.

The articles are written by doctors with experience in their fields, so the information is valid. This app has been around since 2008 in web form.

There are other unique things in this app as well, including fertility calendars, disease and medication directories, pregnancy calendars, and so on.

2. Hellodoc

This free consulting app is very popular. In fact, almost everyone knows with this application. Users can consult more than 20 thousand doctors in this app.

Halodoc is a health service application that is able to meet the health needs of its users. Users can consult for 24 hours.

In the consultation the user can be through chat, video calls or voice notes. Users can also make drug purchases and lab tests online.

3. Alodokter

The next free app option for doctor consultation is Alodokter. Alodokter provides medical services for more than 500 professional doctors.

Alodokter app features include chat, doctor booking, hospital booking and so on.

Users can also read informative articles verified by medical professionals. Alodokter offers general practitioners and specialists. Alodokter’s service is very fast and accurate.

4. Yesdok

In addition to the above apps, users can also choose the Yesdok app to conduct health consultations. Consultation can be done through voice notes, chat and video calls. Yesdok offers 24/7 service. So that users can make inquiries anytime and anywhere.

Yesdok was created with the aim of serving patients who want to inquire about their disease without having to travel long distances. Not only that, your consultation history will be saved automatically, so you don’t have to worry if you call another doctor. Users can also buy medicines online and also conduct laboratory tests.

5. Go doc

This app is a free health service app that provides medical services for consultation.

In addition to being able to consult Go dok, it also provides quick, easy and reliable health information.

With the Ask a Doctor feature, users can consult with doctors registered with IDI.

Users can also choose their favorite doctor on go dok. Not only that, users who go to clinics or labs that work with godok and show godok users will get a discount.

6. Healthy professionals

Like the app above, healthy pro can also be used for free. Any questions about health can be directed to health professionals.

Pro Sehat also has vaccination services in certain regions. Areas that include Serpong, Tangerang, Jakarta and Bekasi.

Users can also buy necessities such as medicine, multivitamins, diapers, herbs, baby milk and more. Using this application is also easy and practical. This app also offers various promotions that will save on groceries.

So a discussion of some free medical consultation apps that you can try. The above applications are intended to help users consult easily. The above application does not charge any fee.