Joy Pony APK Latest Version 2022: Review and Download Link
Joy Pony APK Latest Version 2022: Review and Download Link

Joy Pony APK Latest Version 2022: Review and Download Link

Are you a fan of pony games? If yes, then you should familiarize yourself with this Joy Pony APK. Because these games are currently popular and appreciated by internet users.

How not, because this game offers or displays a very cool look and also a very interesting story. So don’t be surprised if this game is now hunted or coveted by players.

But do you know what the Joy Pony game is? What are the features? How to download? Let’s see the explanation at the end.

What is Joy Pony APK?

APK for pony of joy

Joy Pony is a virtual pony breeding game that allows the player to choose the appearance of the horse according to his wishes and then fulfill all his needs.

This game is the work of game developer AA Games and is classified as a simulation game. Joy Pony APK is not yet on Google Play Store and can be downloaded on third party platforms.

At first glance, the concept of this game is similar to the virtual pet game Pou, My Talking Tom, Bubbu and others. In it, players must be able to make pets happier.

The images of the characters are similar to the animated series or cartoons “My Little Pony”, which features cute and adorable horses. However, the difference is that players are not forced to fight in this game.

There are two languages ​​in the game, namely Russian and English. Moreover, the developer of this app has not provided it in other languages ​​of different countries.

At the start of the game, the player is faced with a small pony that has been abandoned in a cardboard box. There, players can change the appearance of their skin, eyes, and hair.

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Then the little pony needs to be bathed first to keep it clean and happy. Players can invite him to play, feed him and even fool him.

This Joy Pony game has a surprising choice where players can make the horse suffer, such as tying it up until it can make it die worst.

A glance about Joy Pony APK

APK for pony of joy

Joy Pony APK is a virtual game that allows users to raise a pony. The user must take care of all the pony’s needs.

For example, starting from food, grooming to games for the ponies they own. In terms of gameplay, maybe this game is very similar to Pou and My Talking Tom.

If you’ve seen the movie My Little Pony, you may already be familiar with this game. Because the appearance or images of the Joy Pony game are very similar to the characters or cartoon characters.

When you play this game, you will be presented with a neglected little pony. It looks quite messy, so you are instructed to take care of it.

You also need to take care of it properly. For example, coloring their skin and hair. Then bathe every day until the pony grows into a very beautiful horse.

In this Joy Pony offers only two languages, namely English and Russian. This game does not offer the languages ​​of other countries yet. Maybe in the future the game developers will fix it.

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Joy Pony APK Features

APK for pony of joy

This Joy Pony game has many features that players can enjoy, such as grooming the horse as it wants, then taking care of it and inviting it to play. Below are the details and explanations.

Set the pony look

Joy Pony APK gives players the flexibility to be able to customize the appearance of the character according to their taste. How to style hair, determine the color of the skin by the shape of the eyes.

An attractive appearance definitely makes the character more comfortable to look at and gives a distinct impression. There are many color options that can be used for the appearance of the character.

Caring for a pony

In this game you will take care of a pony whose condition is very bad. You can bathe him and feed him to make the pony grow even bigger and healthier.


It’s really very strange when you can take care of him and torture the little pony at the same time. Other players usually call this feature Joy Pony Kill.

There are several options like hitting, slamming to use sharp weapons as a way of torture. At first glance, this feature is similar to the Beat The Boss game.

Invite the pony to play

In this game you can also invite your ponies to play. There are some games that are quite interesting. These include slides, ball games and more.

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Download Joy Pony APK

APK for pony of joy

Before that, make sure you have a good network so that you can download it quickly and smoothly. In addition, pay attention to the storage space of your smartphone and make sure that it is sufficient.

Nama game ponies of joy
APK file size 20MB
Developer AA games
Version 1.0.11
Download link Here

Cara Install Joy Pony APK Game

The game app you get through the download link means you have to go through or manually install or install the process, yes.

Because you can also install this Joy Pony APK by following the steps we have provided below:

  1. First step, make sure to download via the download link above.
  2. Then open the menu Settings or Settings on your smartphone.
  3. Click Security or safety.
  4. Then press Privacy enable/allow installation of apps from Unknown sources.
  5. Next, search for the APK you downloaded File manager.
  6. Click Install or Associate to complete the installation process.
  7. Wait until the installation process is successful.
  8. Completed.

So these are the installation steps that you can follow to install this game app.


This is the explanation from regarding Joy Pony APK Latest Version 2022: Review and Download Link. We hope that the explanation that we have conveyed on this occasion is very helpful and also useful for all of you, yes.

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