Jaclyn Jose airs grievances about her son’s father, Kenneth Ilagan
Jaclyn Jose airs grievances about her son’s father, Kenneth Ilagan

Jaclyn Jose airs grievances about her son’s father, Kenneth Ilagan

Fuming Jaclyn Jose airs grievances against Kenneth Ilagan

JACLYN JOSE – Veteran actress Jaclyn Jose has expressed her displeasure and frustration with Kenneth Ilagan, the father of her son Gwen.

Jaclyn Jose recently shocked netizens after she announced on her Instagram account that she is retiring. She shared her red carpet walk at Kapuso’s Thanksgiving Gala with the instrumental version of “Beautiful girl” playing in the background.

The veteran actress said that it is painful for her to leave the entertainment business, but she knows that her decision to leave is the right thing to do. She said it had something to do with her great love for her children Gwen Garimond and Andi Eigenmann.

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Photo source: @jaclynjose IG

A few hours later, Jaclyn Jose deleted her Instagram post. In a message to PEP, she explained why she could not retire yet.

The 58-year-old celebrity said she made the statement because she believed her contract with the Kapuso network had already expired. She said, “I wanted to, but I still have a 2-year contract with GMA. I have to finish my contract. Akala ko, expired na [but] my RM [road manager] he told me not yet”.

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Jaclyn Jose has once again made the rounds on social media after expressing her grievances and frustration with the father of the youngest Gwen Garimond Ilagan Guck, The Dawn and Rivermaya guitarist Kenneth Ilagan.

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In a now-deleted post, the multi-award winning actress posted on her Instagram page that she watched Kenneth’s interview on the YouTube channel of Paco Arespacochaga, Inrovoys drummer who is now based in America, and couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

Jaclyn said that Kenneth allegedly did many wrong things. She said she didn’t like him and shouldn’t be imitated. The interview was 11 months ago, but Jaclyn reacted only now.

“I saw this Kenneth’s interview with Paco, I laughed and felt sad because this person? Laughter trip really..don’t want to comment..but you got so much wrong..you shouldn’t accept an interview for this..after I finish there will be many more.

“I don’t like you! Because of so many things, I’ll really punish you because you shouldn’t be imitated, just run to the US and shut up. You might even be deported… right Ms. Carthage? Don’t do that. .that’s bullshit, eh!!! Take it from me, this is my son’s father. she added.

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Photo source: @jaclynjose IG, Fashionpulis

In the comments section, Jaclyn Jose continued her rant.

Photo source: @jaclynjose IG, Fashionpulis

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