It seems ancient, it turns out to be a natural remedy for cold and cough
It seems ancient, it turns out to be a natural remedy for cold and cough

It seems ancient, it turns out to be a natural remedy for cold and cough

It seems ancient, it turns out to be a natural remedy for cold and cough
It seems ancient, it turns out to be a natural remedy for cold and cough Influenza is the name of the virus that causes the flu. Diseases of the respiratory tract, symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, runny nose or nosebleeds, mucus and phlegm when coughing, watery eyes.

In our other writings, you may have read about preventing the transmission of the flu virus, on this occasion we will review natural remedies for flu and cough

When you have the flu, your face, especially your nose, usually turns red, not a few of which are accompanied by fever, stuffy nose, headache or dizziness.

If in the process of preventing the virus that causes the flu, there is more of an effort that should be made in interacting with flu patients, for this natural remedy for cold and cough it is more of a healing treatment.

Natural remedy for flu and cough it is a simple treatment, without using special medicines based on the doctor’s prescription, which can only be used for mild flu. Not for severe flu, which is indicated by complications with other diseases of the respiratory tract.

We think this can be important and useful information, because everyone can do it when they start to feel the flu, using ingredients that are easily found in their homes.

No matter how much you try to avoid the flu virus, the chance of being exposed to it is still very high, because it spreads very easily, even from the saliva when the sufferer spits, only through the wind or air it can land easily.

From inanimate objects infected with the virus or through dust can also be inhaled by our respiratory tract.

Knowing how to treat natural remedies will be very useful as a very simple first step of treatment and using ingredients that are also simple.

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There is nothing wrong in knowing the process of this natural treatment, even though it seems ancient or traditional, so that we do not always focus on medicines from ordinary stalls or pharmacies.

Indeed, it is very easy to find cold medicines of various brands even at the stalls around the house, and usually the reaction is very quick. Because the flu is not too dangerous.

However, if it is accompanied by fever and other symptoms, of course it will occupy us with a lot of activities because it becomes hindered.

What are some natural remedies for cold and cough that we can use in our daily life?

If the respiratory tract has been infected with the influenza virus, the following natural remedies can be used:

1. Eating raw garlic

Allicin is the oil contained in garlic. Thanks to this compound in allicin oil, garlic has a pungent smell characteristic of garlic.

The antiviral in garlic is known to be very effective in eliminating the flu virus. Eating raw garlic when infected with the flu virus can be cold and cough natural remedy easy.

Not only for the flu virus, garlic is also rich in antivirals that can protect the body from many types of diseases.

In almost every home, there is always a quantity of garlic, as it is a spice that is often used.

2. Mixing the garlic slices in more kitchen

For adding white bottom while cooking, many people have done it. What we mean here is that when we have the flu.

If eating raw garlic is not strong and with a pungent flavor, we can solve this by slicing garlic, mixed with foods such as vegetables or fried.

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Especially when you are cold, the number of slices increases a little, the more the better, the goal is for the garlic to cook with the food, so that the pungent aroma is reduced and we can eat.

If with this second method we still don’t succeed, we just do the beating process so that the garlic becomes smooth and dissolves with cooking.

3. Steam face with garlic mixture

The following method also turns out to be cold and cough natural remedyto help the healing process of the flu.

Take a few cloves of garlic, then slice the garlic after peeling it to medium size, store it in a fairly large container like a basin.

Next, rinse the garlic with enough hot water, when the steam from the garlic spray starts to rise, bring your face closer to the container.

Inhale the garlic steam slowly through the nose for about 5-10 minutes, we will immediately feel the benefits, the throat, nose will feel relieved from various blockages caused by the flu virus infection, good luck.

4. Consumption of Natural Honey

This is an easy way that can be cold and cough natural remedybecause we simply mix honey with warm water, drink it every morning and evening.

We often say in some of our writings, make sure that the honey we consume is pure honey, not through the process of mixing it with sugar or artificial sweeteners, because the properties are very different.

Using this method, the flu with various symptoms will not last long, you can recover quickly.

Viruses and bacteria are the germs of the disease, honey has the ability to relieve the symptoms that accompany the flu caused by the influenza virus, this is because honey has very strong natural antimicrobial properties.

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5. Drink ginger mixture

Ginger drink mix? It’s very simple, if you’re a fan of tea brewing, you make tea mixed with ginger. It can be shaved or crushed.

Mix the ginger in the tea that is made, drink it warm. The nose will feel lighter, even smoother, because the organs in the digestive tract will experience relaxation.

Ginger is also known to have substances that can warm the body and increase stamina. So, in certain areas that have cold weather, we will often find a variety of mixed drinks with a mixture of ginger.

Wedang Jahe, Ginger Milk, Ginger Coffee, The Jahe, STMJ aka Ginger Honey Egg Milk, are natural ingredients to warm the body, not to mention cold and cough natural remedy also, ginger is very instrumental.

The benefits of natural remedies like ginger will be even more effective when combined with turmeric.

We must know that the flu virus carries out a process of duplication in the cells of the body that are infected with the virus, this will definitely worsen the condition of patients infected with the virus if left unchecked.

The replication process of the influenza virus can be reduced in capacity with the natural substances contained in turmeric, and this has been researched by experts.

These methods can be very helpful when you have respiratory problems such as a mild flu. If the symptoms you feel are more of a cough, you can use salt that has been dissolved in warm water, use it by gargling.

So diverse cold and cough natural remedyYou can also find natural ways to get rid of colds and coughs without the help of drugs.