Is Peter Parker retiring as Spider-Man?  – NEW TYPE
Is Peter Parker retiring as Spider-Man? – NEW TYPE

Is Peter Parker retiring as Spider-Man? – NEW TYPE

All Marvel fans know who Spider-Man is. The character whose real name is Peter Parker debuted in 1962 through comics Marvel Comics Amazing Fantasy #15. Ever since Stan Lee first created his character, Spider-Man has been famous as a teenage superhero who was initially bitten by a radioactive spider. Where the event caused him to gain super strength, speed and agility. Besides being able to crawl up walls and pull nets out of his hands.

2022 is a very special time for Spider-Man. Because soon Marvel will celebrate its 60th anniversary by releasing a new comic book titled Amazing fantasy #1000. In a preview of one of the illustrator’s illustrated stories Daredevil Marco Checchetto, Spider-Man briefly discusses the history of his adventures in the Marvel Universe. Where he remembered the troubles that had happened to him all this time and… tell the fans that, “I’ve never won. And I’m not sure how much longer I can hold on.

Spider-Man is tired of his superhero status

On one of the comic pages Amazing fantasy #1000 which we can see above, Spider-Man revisits his dark history as a superhero. Starting with how Uncle Ben and his first love Gwen Stacy died. Then his relationship was not good with Mary Jane Watson and her best friend Harry Osborn. Until Aunt May who is now sick and having trouble taking care of him. According to Spider-Man, this ever-growing list of afflictions is making him miserable.

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Indirectly, Spider-Man wants to tell fans that sooner or later he might not be a superhero anymore. Because according to his description, if he became an ordinary human being, maybe all these problems would never happen to him. Even sadder, Spider-Man seems to feel that he is the cause of the suffering of those around him.

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Spider-Man had previously felt the same in the story.Spider-Man is no more!‘, which eventually became the inspiration for the film Spider-Man 2 (2004). Where he decided to stop being a superhero after losing his superpowers. Will he really retire from his superhero duties this time? The answer will soon be found in the comics Amazing fantasy #1000 releases on August 31st tomorrow. We’ll see, you bastards.

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