Incredible drone footage captures woman paddle boarding with killer whales
Incredible drone footage captures woman paddle boarding with killer whales

Incredible drone footage captures woman paddle boarding with killer whales

Baja California is a hotspot for whale watching – during certain seasons, such as late winter and early spring, you can spot a variety of different whales, including blue whales, fin whales, sperm whales, and of course, killer whales.

Orcas are also known as killer whales and have very distinctive black and white patterned bodies. Hear the word “whale” and you might think they are completely different from the dolphins that come ashore on many beaches, schooling and emerging from the water in pairs, but orcas are part of the dolphin species.

It’s only the biggest ones! And they are widespread – wherever you are in the world, know that orcas live in every ocean.

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Killer whale (Orcinus orca).
Orcas, also known as killer whales, are the largest dolphins and are highly intelligent.

Tory Kallman/

Paddleboarding with Orcas in Baja California

This video takes place in Baja California where a woman is paddleboarding. It opens with an aerial view of an orca swimming in the beautiful blue-green water, rising to the surface with a second orca, and then sinking underwater, their shapes barely visible the deeper they go.

They seem to be leisurely enjoying their day, their tail fins flapping at the surface, creating large splashes.

The camera angle changes slightly to capture a woman approaching on a paddleboard. She is aware of the orcs and drone footage and waves as if greeting old friends. She is in a pink summer dress with her hair in a bun and exudes a knowing calm as the orcas swim and dart around her, ride under the paddleboard and circle her several times.

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It’s like a private orca show just for her and she constantly stops to appreciate it for a few moments. She starts paddling again and the orcs continue their show around her, returning their friendly vibes. Undeterred, the woman continues to paddle and she and the orcas enjoy a fun outing together.

Suddenly, a third, smaller orca appears as the woman heads back to shore. While most people would have been intimidated or frozen in that moment, this woman handled this encounter with ease and grace.

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In the description, you learn that “these are two adult females teaching their cubs how to collect cow rays.” Then it is explained that this woman has lived in the area for over a decade, which is why she knew not to panic and simply respect their space.

Watch as a Baja California woman interacts with killer whales.

Watch more footage of the killer whale below: