Important tips in building a mezzanine house
Important tips in building a mezzanine house

Important tips in building a mezzanine house

Important tips in building a mezzanine house – Important tips in building a mezzanine house – Perhaps many of you do not know what a mezzanine house is, here we summarize it in this article.

In general, a mezzanine is a floor without a partition that acts as an intermediary between the main floors of the building. Mezzanine comes from the Italian word “Mezzano” which means middle.

So, a mezzanine house is an additional room located between the floor and the ceiling. Mezzanine design houses are very popular when applied in urban housing.

This area can be aimed at enlarging the room without having to make an additional floor. Are you interested in making a house with a mezzanine design? Check out some of the tips below.

Mezzanine floor area

If you design a mezzanine house, the size of the house should also be made with an area that is only one third of the total area of ​​the built room.

This must be done so that the room is not crowded. If it is higher than it should be, the air circulation may also be disturbed and the room will heat up faster.

Optimizing light and air

In every home, it is very important to pay attention to the distribution of light and air. You can make a window on one side of the mezzanine so that the circulation of air and light enters the house.

If this is not enough, you can also use a lamp with light that is adjusted according to the function of the camera.

Choosing good furniture

Good furniture or furnishings can help a mezzanine house become more unique and attractive. Especially if the room is actively used for daily activities.

Choose the type of furniture whose size is not too big because if it is too big it can give the impression of crowding the room.

It is also better to choose space-saving furniture such as folding tables or chairs that can be folded.

Staircase design that matches the interior concept

Without stairs, the mezzanine house concept will not be realized. Stairs are an important element because they are frequently used to access the mezzanine.

Be sure to choose a staircase whose size matches the size of the lower room and the floor of the house, so that it does not look cramped later.

Selection of materials for the design of the house on the mezzanine

Do not use improvised materials for mezzanine houses. Because, the mezzanine is part of the main building of the house which will be actively used by the inhabitants of the house.

You can choose materials that can be combined with the main construction in residential buildings, such as wood, lightweight concrete and mild steel.

The last word

Maybe this is all the information we can pass on Important tips in building a mezzanine house, we hope it can be useful to all of you, thank you.