Immigration officers “throw” civilians are immediately changed
Immigration officers “throw” civilians are immediately changed

Immigration officers “throw” civilians are immediately changed

PUTRAJAYA – An immigration officer who previously went viral after he was recorded hurling abuse and shooing away members of the public at the immigration counter of the Urban Transformation Center (UTC), Section 14, Shah Alam, Selangor, was recently transferred immediately.

Immigration Department (JIM) director-general Datuk Seri Khairul Dzaimee Daud said his side was taking the incident seriously and that the action taken by the officer concerned was against the department’s slogan, which is “Integrity, Professionalism, Friendly”.

“Although the initial investigation found that there were elements of provocation from the targeted public, however, the actions taken by the JIM officers involved in the incident are against the slogan of this department.

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“Furthermore, it is recognized that shouting and speaking abusive words to the public is something that should not be done by an immigration officer who is a public servant,” he said in a statement today.

According to Khairul Dzaimee, immigration officers should be wise to control themselves and be professional when facing verbal challenge from the public as they have received enough training and guidance.

“In this matter, the JIM has taken immediate action by transferring the concerned officer to another department and the investigation file in accordance with the rules and disciplinary procedures of civil servants will also be opened immediately by the Integrity Directorate of this department.

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“JIM also regrets the act of provocation by the concerned public. Various facilities have been provided for people to renew their passports such as online application as well as extended opening hours including Saturday and Sunday,” he said.

Khairul Dzaimee added that the public is advised to always check the department’s social media pages for the latest information.

“JIM would like to emphasize that there is no compromise against any officer who behaves unprofessionally and at the same time will take appropriate action against any party who tries to tarnish the image and credibility of this department,” he stressed.

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First, Kosmo! Online on 19 August reported on a rowdy incident involving an immigration officer and a man at the UTC immigration counter, Section 14, Shah Alam.

The 8.30pm peak happened when the man was understandably upset at not receiving proper treatment when he came to get a passport at the facility. – COSMO! ONLINE