I’m average height – I shopped at Zara and found the cutest dress
I’m average height – I shopped at Zara and found the cutest dress

I’m average height – I shopped at Zara and found the cutest dress

A plus size woman found the perfect dress for her curvy body at her latest Zara shopping spree.

The curvaceous model has shared a series of dresses that can be worn for fashionable, affordable and supportive everyday events.

Zara's chic white crop top is perfect for a girl's shopping day


Size 12-14 model Casey Sparks, known as Caseysparks_x on TikTok, gives viewers a glimpse into a day in the life of her outfit.

In the viral video, she shows viewers five different outfits in five different events all from the same store, Zara.

Sparks is no stranger to shopping videos, as much of her social content is about fashion, size inclusion, and videos comparing her positive style to her fellow body types.

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TikTok is an example of how beautiful her midriff looks like in any outfit for any occasion.

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I'm average height and I tried Zara's viral dress on TikTok - it was amazing

The video begins with the influencer entering the frame holding a large Zara shopping bag, happily browsing through the sections.

Then she stands up a little before showing off the first outfit.

To define what Sparks would wear to complete her nails, she wore a Zara seamless corset top, $19.90, blue/grey, and Zara plush joggers, $29.90, light green.

She pairs the classic pieces with a gray ’47 New York Yankees Classic baseball cap, a dark gray shoulder bag and white New Balance 350 sneakers.

Instead, she moves on to her next scene which is about having a good time with the girls.

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She pairs Zara Seamless Bike Shorts, $19.90, with a white sleeveless crop top, a white shirt jacket, white New Balance 327 sneakers and a dark gray handbag.

Her third ensemble is ready for a casual lunch, with a Zara top, $10.90, light khaki, Zara TRF straight cargo pants, $45.90, dark khaki, khaki shoes and a Louis Vuitton Pouch handbag.

Not one to waste time, she quickly puts on an outfit for a day exploring London.

She wore a cropped Zara denim jumpsuit, $49.90 in medium blue, complete with a black ’47 New York Yankees baseball cap, black Converse All-Stars and a black Chanel Double Flap bag.

The model wears a chic khaki with a Zara top and cargo pants to show what she would wear on a casual lunch date.


Her final outfit in the video is the star of the show.

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The model wears a burgundy sleeveless crop top that features a V-neckline and a pair of high-waisted burgundy pants with a V-cut at the bottom.

The latest additions are the comfortable white Converse All-Stars and the Louis Vuitton Pouchette handbag.

Viewers were amazed at how amazing she looked in every outfit in her Zara collection.

“Honestly, these dresses look better on you than Zara’s website,” one viewer praised.

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“Omg I just had to buy everything because I think you’re beautiful and you look just like me so much better than the website,” added another.

“Absolutely amazing all of this,” one user commented.

Sparks makes it common for an imaginary day to explore London


Sparks walks out of the park in her latest burgundy dress


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