Ig Jedag Jedug Filter Name That’s Viral 2022
Ig Jedag Jedug Filter Name That’s Viral 2022

Ig Jedag Jedug Filter Name That’s Viral 2022

Jedag Jedug’s Ig filter going viral in Indonesia – For those of you who still don’t know about the Instagram app, of course you already do, guys.

This app is very famous for its instastory feature which you can use to make status in the form of videos. You can also share your activities with this default Instagram feature, guys.

To make the video look more interesting, you can use one of the IG filters that are viral on social media.

But do you know which IG filter is currently on instastory? The IG filter that is booming right now is the Jedag Jedug IG filter.

Due to the virality of this filter, many creators have also made the same name but the effect is different.

If you want your Instagram account to be filled with lots of followers and likes, it is highly recommended that you use some of the Pausg Jedug IG filters that I share this time.

Latest Instagram effect name Jedag Jedug

It turns out that the pause effect filter is very good when used on Instagram videos. But if you just search with the keyword break, you’ll find hundreds of filters, guys.

So before you use it, make sure which creator you want to use the filter for, otherwise you will be confused which one to use.

Here are our recommendations for the best Instagram pause filters that went viral in late 2021.

Jedag Jedug Reborn from Itsdimss_

Jedag Jedug Reborn from Itsdimss_

This reborn filter by Itsdimss_ is highly recommended, guys, you can make a jedug ig filter directly if you visit the account profile.

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You can directly enter in the search field with filter ig pausegjedug jengdimss_ where you can find other filter effects guys.

Like other filters, this filter uses music and will automatically pause.

Now, if you’re curious about what makes this filter different from other filters, this filter has added new effects like fire and lightning that appear when you start video recording.

Shoot the sister, Star

Shoot Sis Star

Moreover, the pauseg jedug filter created by the creators of Kartik Freeze, Drag filter sis, Bintang is also included in the filter that is growing on Instagram.

You can use it directly in the creator’s profile after saving this filter to your Instagram account, guys.

The song in this filter effect is also equipped with music and other background songs that you can use.

And of course this filter is for those of you who want to have fun with your friends. You can also add kak semongko song lyrics in the middle of the video.

Do not forget that there is a reduction of the light effect that will make the film shiny.

Jedag Jedug Papepap Dari Hansraii

Papepap Dari Hansraii

If you like to make insta stories, you must already know that this filter is an IG Pausg dust filter called Papepap Dust Pausg from Hansraii.

Unlike the regular ig Pausg Jedug filter, this filter has many effects with colors and transitions that you won’t be able to find in other filters.

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A full-featured filter like this is a must-try for an additional Ig filter collection.

X Jedag Jedug Silhouette From Xzxrayqur

Silhouette X Xzxraygur

Next, let’s take a look at the filter called X Dust Center Silhouette by user xzxrayqur. Not to be outdone by the previous filter, this filter will give you a different effect when you use it.

As the name suggests, the Silhouette x Pausg dust filter only shows a silhouette of your body against a changing sky background.

So, for all of you who are curious about this filter, open the Instagram app, then follow the guide we gave you above.

I bring him

I bring him

Ko Bawa Dia’s ig pauseg jedug filter has additional subtitles and songs. If you use this filter, you can style to the song Ko Bring Him.

Not only on IG guys, this song is often heard on Tiktok app as well. So if you want to use this filter, you can choose the ig pauseg jedug filter from the creator of wahab_379.

The Ko Bring Him filter also has a disco effect that can make your instastory look more refreshing to the eyes, guys.

You can even use this filter to write Ko Bawa Dia song lyrics in the middle of a playing video.

Karthik Freeze

Karthik Freeze

Also I really recommend this Karthik Freeze made by Hansraii for all of you. Judging by the name alone, you can already imagine what this filter looks like when you use it.

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This filter will freeze any image displayed in the video for every frame, so it will look like it’s broken, guys.

And this filter is perfect if you use it to show certain things in Instagram stories.

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Jedag Jedug My Heart From Wirandy_Saputra

Jedag Jedug My Heart From Wirandy_Saputra

The last filter is a filter created by Instagram user wirandy_saputra with the title Pausg jedug atiku filter.

When you use this filter, you will hear music and people speaking break in my heart.

The background effect of this filter is also very good, guys, especially if you use additional funny emojis.

It can’t be helped, this filter is one of the filters you must try, plus using it can make your face look brighter.

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It seems that almost everyone who creates Instagram Stories uses filter effects. Apparently it’s rare for people to ruin IG stories with a simple camera with no effect.

To maximize the video display, you can use one of the effects that I recommended above, guys.

You can also be creative using each filter effect through the videos you upload to attract the attention of many ig users.

If necessary, you can combine all the available effects when making an Instastory and add a variety of funny emojis to the video you want to make.