Ideal Instagram story size so it doesn’t get cut off
Ideal Instagram story size so it doesn’t get cut off

Ideal Instagram story size so it doesn’t get cut off – For those of you who so far often use Instagram social networks, it is always familiar with all the features of the story. Taking a few moments to make a story is not as easy as we think. If you want to put the best photos, of course instagram story size should also be noted. Especially for those of you who want to promote your business through your personal IG account.

Did you know that until now the ideal size in story creation will affect upload results? Visitors will be comfortable viewing the uploaded photos or videos if the size is appropriate. Even if it only lasts for 24 hours, it will be easier to monitor all the activities of a person with this feature. Here are some story sizes and template features to produce your best uploads.

Ideal Instagram Story Size

Until now, of course, you still do not understand how much instagram story size ideal. All moments, both videos and photos, that you upload as content will be targeted to the audience. For the standard size you will instastory, there is really great quality. You should be able to customize it to get perfect loading results. Here is the explanation.

Instagram photo size

For Instagram users who will be uploading photos for Instagram stories, size should be considered as it relates to the quality of the layout. Just a small photo looks broken, then the photo connoisseur will criticize it a little. We recommend that you also pay attention to the placement, whether the photos of the face, the views or the location of the place that will be used as content.

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Instagram story size ideal is 1080 x 1920 pixels as portrait photos with an aspect ratio of 9:16. It will be the best size with good camera support. If the camera quality is normal, the photo size should be 720 x 1280 pixels to 450 x 800 pixels. Maximum image size is 30MB in PNG or JPEG format.

If you upload a photo that does not match the size and shape in the details above, the photo is sure to be cropped. The display will be less impressive if you reduce the size. Keep the resolution so your photo always looks good and perfect.

Instagram video size

Instagram stories in the form of videos must also meet the standards. In addition, each video that will be uploaded has usually gone through a number of edits. Ideally, the video size is 1080 x 1920 pixels with an aspect ratio of 9:16. Please set the video resolution to a minimum size of 720 pixels. The maximum uploaded video size is 4 GB using MOV or MP4 format.

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size instagram story size videos that don’t follow the standards will make the results broken and even unattractive to watch. Make sure the video is made according to the theme and background you are going to capture. If not, then the display will not maximize results. Before uploading, please check the video size first.

Easy setting app IG Story

There are several app names that can help you make Instagram stories. So far, several app names that can be used include Canva, Insta Story, and Over. Here is the explanation.


An easy and simple app to create Instagram stories is Canva. This app already offers cool templates that are easy to edit. There is a unique feature of words that can be used to add excitement when creating stories.

Canva also offers unique fonts that will make your stories even cooler. You can get all the exciting features of Canva app by downloading it on Playstore.

Instagram story

The next Instagram story editing app is Insta Story. This app is unique in how every Instagram story display can be made interesting and cool.

There are a number of templates you can choose from depending on the theme of the story you want to display. There is an edit menu that is also very varied, photo and video edits will be more different than others.

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Which is the advantage of photo and video editing apps from your smartphone gallery. I would like the app more because it is really good and unique.


The following Instagram story template editing app is out. You can download this app directly on PlayStore and it is free. It provides the best features with this photo editing menu which is much more stylish and exclusive.

If you want to get more perfect edits, you can open the paid features as they are complete with some of the best types of features. This application is very suitable for use by business people or public people because all Instagram stories will be more cool in every content you create.

Some of these apps already offer some cool features that will make your story uploads more interesting. If a caption is required, please specify interesting words to attract followers to hunt for your content.

These are some decisive steps instagram story size both photos and videos you can get to know. By paying attention to the size both in terms of aspect ratio, pixels, and the size of the image and video, it is guaranteed that the results of your story upload will be cooler. It may be useful!