I raised them with precious bastards
I raised them with precious bastards

I raised them with precious bastards

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I raised precious bastards

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  • The title of the novel : I raised his bastards preciously
  • ASSESSMENT : 4.4/5
  • Gender : Romance, Drama, Harem, Historical, Josei, Manhwa
  • Alternative : well-bred scoundrels
  • Rank : 3.9k views

Synopsis I grew up with Precious Villains

The novel I Raised Villains lovingly tells the story of a wizard in the longer term the leader of the dark guild, and therefore the the emperor’s psychopathic kindergarten teacher.

Dear he didn’t want to be caught and sneaked out of the kindergarten, however, decided to raise the very unfortunate little criminals with integrity.

“Sir, you are visiting leave us?”
I couldn’t have won if I kept looking at that pretty face for a bit.

“to grow as an adult.”
“Doctor, all the more dangerous Are even more you watch over me. Are weak to bad things.

“It’s strangely good, but unfortunately one touch something more different.
“I’ll ask you anything. All that It is all that It is . should stay with me as a substitute.

Was Lan, now emperor, a stupid coward? is he hiding something else? let’s examine full story, you click on the link we have provided below.

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