I forgot my password and my FB number is gone and you forgot your email
I forgot my password and my FB number is gone and you forgot your email

I forgot my password and my FB number is gone and you forgot your email

One of the problems that Facebook users often face is forgetting their FB password and number and forgetting their email. In fact, it’s a little too much to forget. Generally, the email used for Facebook is the email that is used frequently.

However, you don’t have to worry because there are still ways that can be used to open it. That’s why it never hurts to listen to some of the reviews that will be discussed below. That way, Facebook can still be opened correctly.

How to overcome forgotten FB password and number is no longer active and you forgot your email

How to solve the problem of forgetting FB passwords and inactive numbers and forgetting emails can be done by following several methods which will be discussed below:

1. Check your email in Gmail

The first thing to do because you forgot your email is to open any type of email, especially Gmail on an Android phone. Usually the email is available there so you can check one by one.

If there is an email in which there is an ad from Facebook, most likely the email was used for registration. Try requesting a new password using that email so you can log in correctly.

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However, not everyone puts email on Android. Therefore, you must remember well or you can also check the profile section of Facebook to find out what email is installed there.

2. Hack Facebook

The second way it can be done is hacking or illegal account takeover. This method can be done by using services that often appear on social networks, or you can do it independently if you can.

By doing this, you can enter easily. In addition, you can change your password even after you have entered it. If you have entered successfully, you must remember the type of password used well so as not to forget it again

Unfortunately, this method has no guarantee that it will work well. The security system owned by Facebook has been improved from time to time so that the possibility of being hacked becomes less.

Prevent forgetting your Facebook password

To avoid a rather complicated problem, it never hurts to always save various types of passwords or passwords. That way, when you log in, the process can run automatically so you don’t have to remember many times.

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There are several ways you can do to prevent forgetting your password on Facebook. Follow the complete method below:

1. Record well

The first thing to do to avoid forgetting is to make a good note-taking process. If you want to create a new Facebook account, then do the registration correctly and do not make any mistakes at all.

Correct registration can be done using Google Drive. You can create documents there to store various types of passwords and then save them in the appropriate folder so others don’t know.

2. Don’t wear too long

Also, when creating a password, try not to make it too long and complicated. Even if it’s long, you have to memorize it well so you don’t experience any mistakes at all.

If the password is too long, then once logged in, you can log out first. By logging in and out many times, you will indirectly memorize the type of password used. Finally, get used to it and the chances of experiencing forgetfulness will be slim.

3. Use your primary mobile phone number

Try to use the main number used for communication as a record. The main number can be used to register on Facebook so that if there is a problem such as the number is no longer active, it is very small.

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Frequently used numbers are always filled with credit or have an increased activity period. So you don’t have to worry if you have a password problem later, because you can directly use that number to get a password or login.

4. Use frequently used emails

It is a good idea to divide your emails into 2, namely emails used for work and emails used for social networks. The number of emails used for social networks should be 1 so that all social networks are centered on one email.

So you most likely won’t experience forgetting when you create an account of any type. The reason, everything will be centered on email.

Problems with Facebook users like forgetting FB passwords and numbers are no longer active and forgetting emails is quite annoying. However, it never hurts to try other ways so that Facebook can still be opened and used as needed.