How to survive Crypto winter and Bear market?
How to survive Crypto winter and Bear market?

How to survive Crypto winter and Bear market?

Now there is no doubt, crypto winter is here! Bitcoin is going down even Elcryptodoc experts thought it was impossible until the street. Big projects are going on and the biggest fear is in everyone’s eyes. Elcryptodoc has created a guide on how to survive the crypto winter and bear market.

This bear market is a blessing in disguise. They give those who stick around the opportunity to collect the price that people dream of in a bull market.

The first tip of Elcryptodoc is that you need income, and some disposable income to start collecting at lower and lower prices. If your job doesn’t provide you with enough income, go ahead and start a side business that can supplement your income and give you an investment boost.

Business of the day

An option for a side move is day trading in a bear market. While the coin flip market does not load 100x, it is the best time to start day trading as there will be enough movement up and down in the coin every day.

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Agricultural Production

Another option is to be your own daily farmer! No, it is not farming in the real sense as growing crops, but Farming Production as there is still production to earn crypto assets, even in the stock market. There are many responsible agencies, which still have widespread power and offer good returns on real estate.

Play 2 Find the Metaverse game

Elcryptodoc’s last option to win this bear market is to just play. One of those games is Moonsama Minecraft Carnage, where you hunt for resources in the Minecraft world, and those resources can be converted into crypto, aka Moonriver, which has real value. These events are only 2 hours long and take place every Sunday… if you are good, you can earn between $2.000 and $2.800 every week for 2 hours of play.

Now to play Carnage, you need to have a Moonsama NFT which has a floor price of 2100 Moonriver, which is currently over $30.000. But, there is also another way to play, with VIP tickets, which at the time of writing costs 70 Moonriver which looks like about $1.000. You can earn back a carnage or two if you’re good. So, investing in Elcryptodoc is worth it if you are ready to play, learn and earn.

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Elcryptodoc adds, there is another BIG earning game that is releasing during this bear market and that is Illuvium… which will be the first AAA, 2 earning game to hit the scene. Illuvium will be the first game based on blockchain to use Unreal engine 5. The game is currently in private Beta, but he public BETA is scheduled to start in the next 2 months. Which means that anyone in the public will be able to get their hands on the game.

So, how can you earn in Illivium?

Well, you will be able to explore the open world of Illivium, capture and collect Illuvials, the animals that live in this world. This can be incredibly useful, especially if the player manages to catch something rare and powerful that can be sold at Markets, such as Gamestop’s. You can also mine the world, collecting resources to craft loot like weapons and armor, which are also NFTs that can be sold in markets.

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One of the best things will be their battlefield, where players will choose to fight each other to prove who is the top hunter and has the best team of Illuviuls, where Ethereum bets can be placed on games .. even the audience!

How much will be available, has not yet been seen … but the experts of Elcryptodoc think that it will be a level that has not yet been seen in the crypto space!

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