How to schedule downloads on Android
How to schedule downloads on Android

How to schedule downloads on Android

Sometimes it is difficult to download any file at a particular time on your Android device which seems to be the common problem of every individual. So, if you are looking for how to schedule downloads on your Android device, then we would say that here we have the solution for that problem. Here, we will give you the guide that you can follow on how to easily schedule all your downloads on your Android phone. However, there are many Android apps that are available on the Google Play Store for this purpose, but here we will narrow down the best of them that really work.

You must be wondering why we need to schedule the download on our Android phone? Well, let’s say if you are using mobile data, which can cost you a lot compared to a Wi-Fi connection. So, you might stop downloading videos on your phone because of this, right? However, if you want to download any kind of large files on Android phones; you just need to buy a suitable night internet package which is cheap compared to any other day package available which will save your money for sure. But sometimes it’s not possible to stay up until 3am and start the download process, instead you have to schedule downloads. Also Check Root Explorer Apk.

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How to Schedule Downloads on Android:

Below we will share information about Advanced Download Manager and how to use it step by step. using this app you can download any file from your android phone anytime you want and save money and time. Let’s start with it:

  • Advanced Download Manager for Android:

Advanced Download Manager (ADM) is one of the best download managers for Android. This app allows you to easily download any type of files to your Android device. Not only that, this ADM also has the ability to choose various download folders where you want to save the downloaded files depending on the file type. Advanced Download Manager comes with a lot of features, such as the most powerful downloader for Android, which can download up to three files from the Internet at once. You can also download files in the background and also resume if it fails for any reason.

If you see the interface of this app, it is also very clean and easy to use. It is also very easy to manage your downloads and also sort any type of downloaded files by size, name or type. In addition, it supports pause, resume, restart to download any type of files on Android phones and also has a widget on the home screen of your Android phone so that you can track your downloads. Also check out how to solve one plus one problems.

How to schedule downloads with ADM on your Android phone:

  • First, you need to download Advanced Download Manager on your Android device from Google Play Store.

Download from Play Store

  • Once you have downloaded it, now you need to install the app on your Android device which is very easy and simply open it on your phone.

  • In the next step, you need to add a download link to the ADM app by tapping on “+icon”.

  • Now, you need to pause the download once. You can pause it by clicking on the file name.

  • After that, swipe from left to right and access settings and tap Planning.

  • Click on Download files and select Start time and It stops time on your phone.

So in this way you can easily download any file from your android phone and with the help of this download manager app. Very easy to use!


In the above, we have shared about one of the best download managers for Android called Advanced Download Manager. Therefore, with the help of this app, you can easily schedule downloads on your Android phone. So what are you waiting for? Download the app and follow the steps to schedule downloads on your smartphone. Once you know the steps, then you don’t have to worry about anything. Apart from that, by using this app, you can save your money and time and enjoy doing any kind of work.

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