How to make a timesheet in the Google Clashroom app
How to make a timesheet in the Google Clashroom app

How to make a timesheet in the Google Clashroom app

How to make a timesheet in Google Clashroom

How to make a timesheet in Google Clashroom – The spread of the Covid-19 outbreak in Indonesia has forced the government to extend the stay-at-home period. Thus the period of work from home and home school was extended. Online teaching and learning media providers are also growing rapidly. One of the platforms offered by Google to facilitate the online teaching and learning process is called Google Clashroom.

Google Clashroom itself is a place where teachers can post assignments and set deadlines for assignments to be done by students online. Students can work directly on the assignment, submit, and the teacher can directly assess student results or answers online. In other words, Google Clashroom is very useful for students and teachers, even if the learning has to be done from home.

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In addition to posting assignments and lesson deadlines, Google Clashroom also allows teachers and lecturers to know the presence of their students, Yes… just like teaching and learning in a classroom, just not face to face.

Well, on this occasion we will discuss how to get missing in Google Clashroom. In teaching and learning activities, usually before the start of the class, the teacher or lecturer absents the students or students present in the lesson. Even on the Google Clashroom platform, teachers or lecturers can absent students or students before posting assignments or lesson deadlines. Thus, teachers or lecturers can find out who is taking part in their course, even if they do not meet face to face.

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To make an absence from Google Clashroom, we will use the question feature available in Google Clashroom. Using just these features makes attendance much easier.

How to Create a Time Sheet in the Google Classroom App

To know how to get rid of Google Clashroom, please take a close look at the reviews below. We will help you to make an absence easily in Google Clashroom.

Here are the quick steps to go absent in Google Clashroom:

  1. Open the Google Clashroom app you downloaded.
  2. Select the Classwork menu.
  3. Then click the + (plus) sign.
  4. Please select Question. You can name the question, then give a hint.
  5. After that select Points > please switch to unrated / updated.
  6. Click save.
  7. For the time limit, you can set it yourself.
  8. Absences can be filled according to Subject or Material.
  9. Change the Short Answer menu to Multiple Choice at the bottom.
  10. In the Option 1 section, change Present.
  11. Stop the slide, students can see the class summary. Then click post in the top right.

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How, easy enough isn’t it to make an absence on Google Clashroom? As many reviews as can deliver. Good luck !!!