How to distinguish genuine and fake Android (replica)
How to distinguish genuine and fake Android (replica)

How to distinguish genuine and fake Android (replica)

With the emergence of various types of Android devices from popular vendors, fake or replica device manufacturers are actively producing clone devices, devices like this are actually unfortunate for those who are not familiar with the device’s ins and outs.

This type of device usually has many shortcomings compared to the original, really in price it is very far and really very cheap. Only at a price of 500k or not until you can bring home a smart phone like Samsung Galaxy S6 or something like that.

However, if you’re talking about performance, don’t ask, besides being slow, this copycat/supercopy device tends to be very torturous both from a software and hardware perspective.

This type of replica device is often misused. Replica Android devices are often the subject of fraud issues that are prosecuted because they look very similar but are fake and usually have low or very cheap prices.

Instead of wanting a cool Android device, you get an asphalt Android device.

But if you’re more concerned with looks than performance, then this replica Android phone may be the solution.

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There are various names for Android replica. These include Android Asphalt, Android Clone, Android Super Copy, Android King Copy, all of which are the same as replicas and still under the same roof hahaha.

Examples of replica Android devices that are widespread, call it the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Even though this Android replica is an imitation, but in terms of benefits, this Android is the same, namely as a communication tool. There is nothing wrong with buying an Android copy, as long as the original Android remains exorbitant, Android replica can be another alternative to follow trend nowadays.

There is nothing wrong with Android replica just for style but not when it comes to games and other features. Besides, no one else knows.

Take a look at the screenshot above. At first glance, they are very similar, aren’t they?

But if you want to take a closer look, of course you will understand where the difference is. Especially when you hold it and see what’s inside.

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Tricks to distinguish Android replica from original Android

From the software side

Android replica, even though the replica is in the same class as the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Android series still uses v2.3 Gingerbread (*but not regularly).

Not only that, replica Androids usually don’t have a software update menu inside settings > About the phone.

Especially for Samsung, a simple tutorial to find out if Samsung is original or a replica, try to enter Download Mode. In the off state, press Volume Down + Home + Power button.

If the screen of volume up to continue and volume down to restart the phone appears, then the Samsung is genuine Samsung. To be even more convincing, just press Volume up (up). The Samsung brand and its Android version will be displayed with other supporting information.

From the hardware side

Replica Androids are usually only 11:12 in shape with the original Android. However, if you check the specifications, there is almost nothing similar to the original Android.

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Try looking up the original specs for the Android in question in GSMArena, aka wherever you like, then match it to the Android you think is a replica. Comparison.

From the side of form

As I said above, Android replicas are usually only 11:12 in shape with the original Android. “He thinks that an artificial object usually makes a difference even if it’s small.”

To distinguish an Android replica from the original Android in terms of shape, first look at the material of the case.

No high-end device uses a plastic casing that feels empty when held.

You can check the screenshot above for an example of the difference in the Android replica in terms of shape.

Well, with some of the above ways, of course you can distinguish between genuine and fake/replica Android phones very easily.

Additionally, there is a difference when you hold it and also when your finger touches the touch screen you have.