How to check HP of Oppo and distinguish which one is service original
How to check HP of Oppo and distinguish which one is service original

How to check HP of Oppo and distinguish which one is service original

Hello guys, welcome back to, In this article there is an interesting discussion about how to check Oppo HP which we will discuss and explain below.

When we go to buy a new or used Oppo mobile phone, it is better to check the terms first. We can check Oppo phone using a specific code.

In addition to the physical condition and completeness, before buying a mobile phone, we also need to check all the components. Oppo itself provides a secret code which is useful for testing all HP hardware.

The secret code is actually not new anymore. Many Oppo users already know about this code. They use this code because the results obtained are very accurate.

In addition to being used to check the health of HP components. This code can also be used to validate Oppo. This way we can see if the Oppo mobile phone we are using is original or identical.

How to check Oppo HP with code

How to Check Oppo HP

The secret code itself is usually called the engineer mode. Now using this code we can check Oppo as designed by Oppo company.

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How to check OPPO:

  1. Open the Call menu

    Run the dial-up app on your Oppo phone, then enter *#800#.

  2. Engineer mode

    After entering the code. engineer mode will appear automatically. There we can perform various component tests.

Further tests for all lists carefully. The list is divided into categories, which makes it easier for us to test.

There are other secret codes that you should know for Oppo Hp users

How To Check Oppo Secret Code HP_Oppo

In addition to the above secret code, there are many other secret codes that we can use to check HP Oppo.

  • # 1234 # Used to display firmware information.
  • # 809 # Function to display echo engineering test mode.
  • # 06 # Feature to check IMEI number of HP Oppo.
  • # 802 # Works for TTFF GPS geometry test mode.
  • # 803 # Works for network engineering test.
  • # 07 # Works for test history.

Among all the codes, the most commonly used code is *#06#, which is the code used to check the IMEI. Using the IMEI number, we can see the origin and origin of the country where the Oppo HP was manufactured.

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How to Check Oppo HP with Engineering Mode

As for the part of the Engineering mode menu you should know.

The following is an explanation of what is in the engineering menu of the Oppo smartphone.

  • Receiver test: Here we can hear the sound that shows the notification notification on Oppo HP. Listen carefully to the sound coming out, if the sound is pleasant, then this component is in good condition.
  • Bluetooth tester: is a menu to test Bluetooth connection when sending or receiving files. This function will activate automatically when we press it.
  • FM test: used to check the status of the radio transmitter. Transmitters are used to receive radio signals. Listen to the sound of the captured radio waves.
  • The camera test: useful for testing the main camera. In this menu, we can try all the functions in the main camera. We were also able to take some pictures and see the results. If the picture is good, the camera quality is still good.
  • SIM card test: useful for testing copper SIM cards.
  • Wi-Fi test: Useful for testing WiFi feature on HP Oppo. We can try to connect it to a WiFi network around us.
  • LCD test: used for LCD validation, especially in LCD color contrast. Therefore, make sure that the color of the product is in good condition.
  • GPS test: Test HP GPS signal accuracy.
  • Vibration test: used to check the vibrations generated by our phone. Feel the vibe well. If the vibration stops, there is a problem with the vibration component on your Oppo phone.
  • Speaker test: used to test HP Oppo speaker clarity. Pay attention to the sound that comes out well, whether the voice is clear or not.
  • Headphone test: useful for testing the sound of Oppo headphones. If the sound is clear, there is no problem with the headphone and headphone ports.
  • Battery test: used to test Oppo battery health. This list shows accurate information about battery usage and battery damage percentage.

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These are some ways to check your Oppo mobile phone, this method can be useful when you want to buy a used or new Oppo mobile phone, this method can also be used on all types of Oppo mobile phones, we hope it will be useful.